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Complete Wellness – Part 3

May 8, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Factor number 4 for complete wellness:

•             A feeling of growth, development and change

We need to remember how important it is to feel loved; this is an essential part of living we often leave out. G-d sends His message of love in the Torah in countless places: “Banim atem l’Hashem Elokeichem”, “Heneh lo Yanum v’lo Yishan Shomer Yisrael” and “Imo Anochi b’Tzara” to name a few. G-d is loyal to His words and since the beginning of creation has never ‘given up on us.’

Self-image is intrinsically tied to constant investment in ourselves, which occurs throughout the span of a lifetime. A positive attitude towards oneself requires self-respect that comes as a result of constant development, working from the inside out and seeing ourselves honestly while accepting that we are a work in progress. Torah outlines the stages of growth while opening up the pathway for teshuva, a corridor for forgiveness and letting go. Looking back on who we were and who we are becoming is a major springboard Torah wishes us to embrace.

A well-balanced individual needs all four parts to live a happy life. Emuna offers all four.

Feel & Heal exercise:

Do a mitzvah without taking it for granted. Apply the four principles we have learned the past few days: feel its significance, connect to its meaning, recognize that G-d loves you for doing this and feel how you have grown from it.

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