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It’s time to leave

April 8, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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We are instructed to remember our exodus from Egypt since we are constantly in the process of ‘leaving’ Egypt. The universal message embedded in the holiday of Pesach is that we are always leaving Egypt; fighting off oppressive external forces and seeking inner freedom.

The Jewish people must live life knowing that they are not to be afraid or disturbed by life’s challenges and events; deep within they are to remember that G-d is helping to free them from their emotional instability but reminding them that He is personally involved in their lives.

Feel and heal exercise:

Being that Egypt is a state of mind we must be on alert of the signs that drag us back into slavery, ie. feeling stuck and locked down in negativity. Everyday we must remember to remove ourselves from this state of mind and see ourselves as being free to chose to think differently.

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