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Get me out of here

April 3, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Freedom from Egypt refers to psychological freedom. In today’s world, many are still enslaved; not physically in shackles and chains but mentally imprisoned. Often people find themselves bonded to certain beliefs and values unable to feel free to realize their greatest potential.

Freedom is essentially the ability to live out one’s mission and potential clear of oppressive and dominating outside forces. Mental confusion and emotional instability are two major obstacles that keep us in our own ‘Egyptian exile’. Time and again we become confused why we are here causing frustration and negativity.

The first step out is to remember there is a place called the promised land – we are not stuck in any reality. We are free to chose to want, think, speak, feel and do differently. We hold the key to our own freedom.

Feel and heal exercise:

Make a choice today to free yourself from bondage. Take one thing you know you are enslaved by and chose not to be enslaved by it.. even for just one day.. or one moment.. but begin to walk on that pathway right now!

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