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Smile now for the Future

April 2, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Though G-d was, is and will always be with us, the difficulty of galut is that we cannot perceive Him readily. We are never alone. Before the geula arrives, we must believe that G-d is with us He is keeping a detailed account of reward and obligation, but He still loves us. He wants us to turn to Him and bring Him into whatever it is we are currently facing.

When we experience challenges – such as marriage problems, illness or problems with children – we need to remind ourselves of His loving Presence. It is vital to avoid blaming others or ourselves for these challenges, since this blame drags us back into galut. The state of exile means a mindset of disconnect; forgetting that we are never alone. 

Though there are times things may appear to be going wrong, we must have emuna that it is perfectly in sync with G-d’s Divine calculations. We are all traveling on a path to geula. Let’s allow the realization of the future gila (state of joy) we will all experience in geula fuel our current state of happiness now!

Feel and heal exercise:

The Sages teach we can draw from the future into the present. Think of the future redemption and how everyone will experience joy and healing. Questions will be clarified, confusion a thing of the past. Smile as you contemplate such a state!

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