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THE Healer

March 12, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Why does the end of the bracha Asher Yatzar call Hashem “Healer of all flesh” – healing is referred to a state of malfunction when something has to be repaired? Instead should it not just continue to theme of praising Hashem for the wondrous wisdom of the body He created?

Essentially, the wording of the bracha speaks of the malfunctioning and problems that the body takes care of on its own. We praise Hashem for creating a body with systems that can detect and treat them directly. The immune system goes to work and the body goes into self-protection mechanism naturally. How wonderful Hashem our Healer is!

Feel and heal exercise:

Meditate over the fact that the body heals itself naturally. At the very moment a person gets a cut, the body begins to send healing to the wound, without any outside intervention.

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