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Life on Auto-Pilot

March 5, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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Do you feel as though you sometimes pray on auto-pilot? You actually find yourself in the middle of your prayer not knowing how you got there? If so, who moved your lips – what conscious aspect of you was speaking?

It is though there is a split between higher and lower consciousness – the mouth knows what to say without the conscious mind recognizing that it is coming from you.

Essentially, this confirms how it is only Hashem who opens our mouth and enables us to speak.  What a wonderful feeling it is to know that Hashem empowers every ability and guides us through life, many times without us even noticing it. 

Feel & heal exercise of the day:

Pay attention to your ‘auto pilot’ mode today and let out a heartfelt thank you to Hashem in recognition that He was the one driving you wherever you needed to go!

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