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Small Steps to a Big Picture

February 5, 2019
Orit Esther Riter
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The Shomer Emunim ztk’l teaches that this generation has the opportunity to rectify all past misdeeds of all of past lives since the beginning of time. As it is always darkest before the dawn, our generation is faced with intense nisyonot and temptations.  Yet, by overcoming such challenges we will be able to uplift all things past and welcome the redemption.

There is an entire Divine master plan which we are not privy to see. In our finiteness as humans we see only countless points and elements with no common ground. However, each separate minute element is vital to the overall picture.

Feel & Heal Exercise:

Think about the small touches you add to a cake to make it look beautiful or the sauce you baste the chicken with to make it taste better and realize that each small thing you do in life adds so much more than the effort invested into it.

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