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Keep the Blessings Coming

January 16, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Expressing appreciation motivates us to continue to pray with anticipation that the ultimate good will be revealed. We all have friends, relatives and others who support and assist us; B’H we are not alone in this world. Thanking G-d for our loved ones keeps our blessings coming.

If we are stuck for something to thank G-d for, our Sages suggest that we visit a hospital or a cemetery. By comparing ourselves to others in the community who are less fortunate than us, we automatically feel appreciation for what G-d has blessed us. This process of contrasting ourselves with others may minimize the need for G-d to send us intense challenges in order to encourage us to appreciate the beauty of an ordinary day.

Feel and heal exercise of the day:

We can increase the magnitude of our blessings by ‘making them bigger’ than we previously perceived them to be. Take one blessing in your life and magnify its value, appreciate it more!


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