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Shed the Layers

January 15, 2019
Orit Esther Riter

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Our souls’ true desires are often covered over by the desires of our guf, body. Hitbodedut enables us to shed the layers of the body and some of the genuine desires of the soul begin to surface. For instance, we may begin to feel and access our desire to be righteous and not transgress, to be happy, to live with zest and strength, to increase our emuna, see good in all things and in everyone, a strengthening of self-worth and honor. Above all, this process enables us to truly feel G-d’s constant and intimate presence.

One highly beneficial part of hitbodedut is to utter words of gratitude. This demonstrates our contentment and our firm emuna that G-d does everything for the best and that He listens to our tefillot.

Feel and heal exercise of the day:

We are complex beings and as we travel through life we discover many aspects of ourselves we previously were unaware of. Enjoy the rediscovering of yourself as you get to know what lies beneath the layers.

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