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Adar: A Time to Blossom With Hope

February 19, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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The month of Adar is filled with the idea of serving Hashem from a state of utter joy and bliss. We read the Megillah and see it as the story of our lives; Hashem is everywhere, even if we don’t readily notice. That gives us solace and is comforting. Knowing that Hashem is with us always, even when unseen is the source of immense joy.

From here we tread into the month of Chodesh Nissan, a month infused with great revealed miracles. Nissan is spelled with two ‘nun’s’. The letter ‘nun’ represents the 50 gates of wisdom, the ability to delve into Torah knowledge and be enveloped with Hashem intimate presence. There is double opportunity to experience nissim (miracles) in the merit of the joyful level that we B’H were able to attain this month Chodesh Adar.

Adar is spelled ‘alef’ and ‘dar’. The letter alef signifies Alufo Shel Olam, Master of the Universe Who lives (dar) with us always. This is the birthing point of any redemption; personal and collective. Hashem ‘lives’ with us then and now; whether hidden or revealed.

If we truly want to experience full-fledged redemption in our lives, first we must be happy by virtue of knowing that although often camouflaged, we are being Divinely embraced all moments of our lives. As the physical climate is changing to spring (in most parts of the world) and the flowers are blooming so too should we spiritually and emotionally blossom with hope and anticipation for the soon to be revealed geulah b’mheira, b’rachamim, Amen.

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