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Go For Yourself

February 7, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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Where are we going? Lech Lecha the Torah instructs, Go for yourself… What, where, how? To the land that I (Hashem) will show you… But where? Don’t worry just starting going… I’ll lead the way. Is that not a lesson in Emuna?

The Zohar HaKadosh teaches us ‘just prepare yourself’, do your best to improve yourself; work on your character, your middot, grow into your G-dliness. How? Ask yourself regularly, “Where am I in this journey called life. What have I done to touch that G-dly soul of mine and radiate the world with it?”

It is not by chance that the beautiful shining soul of Rachel Sinvani a’h left this world during this parshat hashavua, Lech Lecha. She certainly has shed her body and is living in her eternal palace made out of her incredible deeds and sweet manner.

Racheli was a georet tzedek. She exemplified righteousness, a real truth seeker at heart, yearning and thirsting to walk in the ways of Hashem. Whenever we sat down for personal ‘Emuna Chizuk’ sessions she spoke of her inner desire to seek constant true happiness, acceptance and emuna. She didn’t compromise her search for purpose and living life to its fullest. When you wish to live in Hashem’s midst, you do, and life is rich and embracing.

Hashem speaks to us through the circumstances and the people He puts in our lives. Hashem speaks to every Jewish soul telling each of us to leave our ‘aretz’, our worldly ratzon and let our souls shine. We are to connect to our soul’s essence and allow its glow to illuminate life. It’s time to leave the trappings of our intellect (“I want”, “I need” and “I know”) and embrace Hashem’s purpose for creating us.

Hashem has a great plan for us individually and collectively as a nation; there is no one who cares and loves us more than Him. He loves us so much that He will not let us misuse our time in this world. There is so much we need and must attend to.

Those who depart from this world under such tragic circumstances force those left behind to rethink about life and realign their priorities. Racheli has done that for me. I am redefining and redesigning the ‘Eshes Chayil’ in me and revamping my mind and hearts inventory. I will make space for Racheli’s priorities to carve life’s pathways. That is how she will continue to live on, in this world and the next.


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