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October 6, 2013
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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180 degrees in 180 days

A 6 Month Emuna Program

The Daily Dose of Emuna brings emuna and Torah inspiration to thousands of readers from around the world each day.

Everything is from Hashem!  This statement is nothing new to the readers who have been with the Daily Dose of Emuna for quite some time.  Yet as many of you write to me on a regular basis it is a difficult challenge to push the emuna button when hardships arise. The question that is repeatedly asked, “How do I get the emuna in my mind to affect my heart and impact my feelings so I will pulsate with emuna vibes through and through?”  I want to feel it, but I don’t!

It is the struggle of our current generation and a crucial necessary tool we need to learn every moment possible in order to lead happy, more fulfilling and emotionally balanced lives.  Chazal teach us that just as a body needs food, the soul needs emuna.  Without emuna the soul suffers and the result; negative emotions begin to flood our entire being.

B’chasdei Shamayim, I know the impact is widespread and it has changed countless lives.  Rabbeim have written to me personally that they themselves have tremendously benefitted from the emuna lessons since they are real and practical and are taught with such passion.  What a humbling experience.

This is why the forthcoming book “180 Degrees in 180 Days’ is so essential to the Klal.  Everyone needs this and I need your help to make this book. This is going to cost me to produce, design and edit, so whatever you can contribute please do.  As little as $5 – as much as a thousand dollars and you’ll get great rewards both material and spiritual because every dollar you give, it’s a mitzvah going toward Torah learning. 

All contributions can be made either via paypal email, check or wire bank transfer. For contributions of $180 or more we can send you a tax deductible receipt.

Thank you for your generous support. Please pass the word on!

The New Book

Mosaica Publishing is working with us to publish our first book to be called “Turnaround”, a 6 month emuna program, 180 degrees in 180 days, which will compile of 180 of the most popular Daily Dose of Emuna articles together with new Torah insights and divrei Torah.

To read these haskamot in depth, please click here.

Below please find a list of the 180 emuna lessons.  Please choose which lesson you wish to have your dedication put on. The date will be listed on your choice lesson.  I am listing in parenthesis ​the subject of that day’s lesson when further clarity is needed.
Please send it to me asap.  We would not like to have any delays in the process.  Thank you for your book sponsorship and looking forward to seeing the book in many homes soon, B’H.
1) What lies deep within (tefilla)
2) Hashem did it (seeing Hashem in everything)
3) Feeling Emuna in our hearts (living mindfully)
4) Choosing His people with love (Hashem’s love)
5) It is all a gift (gratitude)
6) The gift of Shabbas
7) Reawakening our awareness (seeing Hashem)
8) A rope of hope (keeping hope)
​9) Heartfelt emuna (feeling emuna in the heart)
​10) ​Sing and dance to Hashem (uplifting ourselves)
11) No complaints (gratitude)
12) Talk to Hashem (hisbodedus)
13) The power of Shabbas kodesh
14) Power prayer I
15) Power prayer II
16) Our pain is Hashem’s pain (feeling the Shechinah’s exile)
17) We are all Hashem’s children
18) The faith and trust
19) If you want to find Him – look!
20) Shabbas – stop, look and listen
21) Have a cup of coffee with Hashem (hisbodedus)
22) Simcha through emuna
23) Hashem loves me
24) Tefillah is food for the soul
25) Hashem show me Your way (subjugating our will)
26) The great struggle (bitachon and hishtadlut)
27) We are invited (Shabbas)
28) Seeing Hashem.. in the rice (seeing Hashem in small things)
29) No existence without Him (hashgacha pratis)
30) A marriage made in heaven (Torah view of marriage)
31) Stand strong (control with emuna)
32) A test of emuna (Asking Hashem for help)
33) Peace of mind
34) Hashem loves the humble
​35) Hashem controls and is above nature (effort in seeing Hashem)
36) ​Shema Yisrael
37) So be it .. so it is! (accepting)
38) Building emuna through tefillah
39) Face to face with Hashem (tefillah)
40) Love is the way (paying attention to Hashem’s gifts)
41) Preparing for Shabbas
​42) Tehillim 42: Never give up hope
43) Live as an alien (life is transitory)
44) Putting Hashem in our yiddishkeit (acknowledging Hashem)
​45) Natural vs. supernatural (hishtadlus)
46) Dynamite! (tefillah)
47) Hashem’s love will always be
48) Shabbas: Succah of peace
49) I want Hashem! (free will)
50) “…From the depths I have called You” (inner yearning)
51) Daily date with Hashem (hisbodedus)
52) How Hashem talks to us
53) We want Geulah now
54) Don’t worry be happy
55) Shabbas without distractions
56) to be advised ​
57) to be advised
58) to be advised
59) to be advised
60) Marriage with emuna
61) Mashiach – I await Him every moment
62) The time-out of Shabbas every day
63) It is time for emes (honesty)
64) Cleaving to Hashem through davening
65) Just stop (personal prayer)
66) Nature has no place (everything is a miracle)
67) Fear G-d and no one else! (yirat Shamayim)
68) Dawn is coming (positive perspective)
69) Shabbas is here – now all is good
70) Awe and fear (serving Hashem with simcha)
71) Can we feel our emuna (working to feel emuna)
72) Have no fear (strengthening bitachon)
73) Speak and He will open the channels to your heart (tefillah)
74) Believe and anticipate (Mashiach)
75) Hashem’s light (experiencing G-dliness)
76) The redemptive power of Shabbas
77) Love is sacrifice (how do we show our love to Hashem)
78) Visit Hashem once a day (hisbodedus)
79) Mashiach’s arrival
80) Giving and taking (gaining by giving)
81) Day and night (storing emuna)
82) A pure heart (feeling love)
83) Prepare for Shabbas
84) Breaking down the fortresses (opening the heart)
85) Humility and independence (loyalty to Hashem)
86) Kindness: the result of trust
87) Someone pushed my button (keeping control)
88) Sensory emuna (feeling in the heart)
89) Teshuva and the frog  (compassion)
90) Shabbas Kodesh … are you prepared?
91) That yetzer hara … what a joker!
92) We are living in a time of dawn (difficulties)
93) A bit of Mashiach in every Jew
94) Why me?
95) I have no time (time management)
96) Working on our middos
97) Shabbas nourishment
98) Confronting life’s hardships
99) Humility is genuine perfection
100) Our perceptions are subjective (seeing life thorough emuna eyes)
101) Developing gratitude
102) Pick up the phone (tefillah)
103) Ashrei Ha’ish she-lo halach (living by Torah values)
104) The holiness of Shabbas
105) How to attach ourselves to the Tzaddik I
106) How to attach ourselves to the Tzaddik II
107) G-d or nature?
108) Free to do what we want any ole time (free will)
109) Emuna Peshuta (simple faithfulness)
110) We have been bribed (materialism)
111) Change your spiritual energy on Shabbas
112) Remove our ego, feel Hashem
113) Life is a test
114) Our world (being a giver)
115) A new vision (gratitude)
116) Hashem is everywhere
117) Hashem wants the heart
118) In love with Shabbas
119) If Hashem will not guard a city (tefillah)
120) Getting to know Hashem (going deep within)
121) Which level of Emuna are you on?
122) Serve Hashem in happiness
123) In G-d we trust
124) Mind control (learning from others)
125) Shabbas is dedicated to the soul
126) 100% precise (Hashem is just)
127) No matter who, what, why, when or how! (no matter what – all is good)
128) Life is compared to a machine (everything has a purpose)
129) A powerful remedy to dissatisfaction
130) The war of faith (fight for emuna)
131) Suffer for nothing or struggle for something (hardships)
132) Shabbas – Hashem is the creator
133) How long? (challenges)
134) The Eisav in all of us (parnassa)
135) It all depends on where the ‘me’ is (nullifying our ego)
136) Spiritual elevation (kavannah)
137) Healer of the broken-hearted
138) Humility
139) Genuine peacefulness … Shabbas Kodesh
140) Energize your soul (emuna)
141) The power of our thoughts (negative emotions)
142) Walk in His footsteps (emulating Hashem)
143) The concept of trust
144) A tzaddik lives by his emuna (all for the best)
145) Tehillim 145: Ashrei – Happy is he
146) Taste the presence of Hashem (Shabbas)
147) Ashrei – Happy is he (cont’d)
148) Ashrei – Happy is he (cont’d)
149) Ashrei – Happy is he (conclusion)
150) Tehillim 150 – Halleluka! (praising Hashem)
151) It is all… (material vs. spiritual)
152) Pride
153) Shabbas Wholeness
154) All Hashem does is for the best
155) Surrender your ego
156) An uphill battle (self-improvement)
157) Emuna softens the suffering
158) Jewish thinking (being mindful)
159) I am with him in sorrow (we are never alone)
160) Preserving the holiness of Shabbas
161) Life without Hashem is intolerable
162) Thanking is acknowledging
163) Is it ‘me’ (Knowing it’s from Hashem)
164) We are Hashem’s children
165) All roads lead us back to Hashem
166) Tests are banners (challenges)
167) A soul for the world (Shabbas)
168) Weakening our animalistic soul
169) How do we view challenges?
170) All is good (seeing good in hardships)
171) Do not detest Hashem’s rebuke
172) Just look up and see Hashem
173) No such thing as religious retirement (reaching high)
174) Grasp the kedusha of Shabbas
175) “I” and Hashem (letting go)
176) For the sake of Heaven or not (unconditional avodah)
177) The source of happiness
178) We are living in a time of dawn
179) Injecting emuna into our relationships
180) A personal prayer (prayer for Emuna)

I sincerely want to thank you in advance for your generous support that means so much to all of us. Be part of the zechut in thousands of people’s Torah!  

Book sponsorship opportunities:

Email Thanks Will allow me to know that you support this project and that’s really important! You will receive a personal thank you emailed from me! $18
Website Thanks Your name will be honorably placed on our Daily Dose of Emuna website contributor’s page $54
Book Thanks & Emuna Name recognition on the contributors list page in the book and, b’n we will ship you a signed copy of the book. Plus a daily dose of emuna email dedication on the day of your choice. (102 is the gematria of Emuna) $102
Dedicate Emuna Lesson in Book In the book, dedicate a lesson in honor of someone’s memory, for hatzlocha, celebrate a birthday, as a token of gratitude, on the occasion of a bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary or other simcha. Choose the date you wish to honor someone on and that day’s learning in the book will be dedicated for them. This lesson can coincide with a hebrew date of your choice. B’H, b’n we will ship you a signed copy of the book. $180
Book Dedication & davening Book dedication as written above plus add a personal two line blessing or Torah verse beside the person’s name. B’H, b’n we will ship you a signed copy of the book anywhere in the world. Plus we will take ten names provided and daven for them at one of our next ‘Emuna events’ to one of the holy sites in Eretz Yisrael attended by over 40 women. $360
2 Hours Emuna Coaching The lesson in the book dedication, book shipped plus davening and personal sessions. Two hours of personal consultation sessions with Orit Esther Riter via Skype or in person. $540
5 Hours Emuna Coaching Book lesson dedication and davening as written above plus more. Three signed copies of the book shipped to you anywhere in the world plus five hours of personal consultation sessions with Orit Esther Riter in person or via Skype. $1,080

Payment instructions:

* PayPal option: through our email

*  Automatic transfer from your account to our Israel Bank:

Bank Hapoalim: Branch 446

Orit Esther Riter Account #: 71633

IBAN international address:  IL34-0124-4600-0000-0071-633

Swift code:  POALILIT

* Direct mail, please make check payable to:

Orit Riter

Nachal Ein Gedi 40/4

Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef, 99098 Israel

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in taking part in the special mitzvah of increasing Torah to others, please help spread the word and share this letter with them as well. Always looking to hear from you, please feel free to email your comments and/or thoughts.   Thank you so much for your continuous support.  

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