Weekly Dose Of Emuna For Shabbat Kodesh


Weekly Dose Of Emuna For Shabbat Kodesh

August 14, 2014
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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DateTopicWatch At
Jun. 21, 2018Borrow, I will repay
Jun. 7, 20183 Times The Bracha
May. 17, 2018Angel of Hashem
Mar. 8, 2018Peace Within
Feb. 22, 2018Creation of Rest
Feb. 15, 2018Emuna Living
Feb. 8, 2018Honor and Delight
Feb. 1, 2018Lecha Lech
Jan 25, 2018Gift Of Shabbat
Jan. 19, 2018Shamor v'Zachor
Jan. 10, 2018Beyond The Physical Realm
Jan. 3, 2018The Hidden Secret Of DAG
Dec.28, 2017Day of Knowledge
Dec.20, 2017The Foundation of Existence
Dec.14, 2017Israel & Shabbat are a Pair
Dec.7, 2017Need A Reason To Sleep On Shabbat
Nov. 30, 2017Shabbat Yearning
Nov. 23, 20171,000 hours
Nov. 16, 2017Tell The World
Nov. 2, 2017Shiva To Shabbat
Nov. 2, 2017All The Work Is Done
Oct. 25, 2017Shluffing Away Shabbat
Oct. 18, 2017The Giver of Blessings
Sept. 27, 2017Our Mikdash
Sept. 14, 2017Letting Go
Sept. 7, 2017Eishet Chayil
Aug. 31, 2017A Sign to the World
Aug. 24, 2017Sing to Yourself
Jul. 27, 2017Return to home base
Jul. 20, 2017Chillul Shabbat
Jul. 5, 2017Back to Gan Eden
Jun. 28, 2017Turn on the light of your soul
Jun. 21, 2017Prepare for your voyage
Jun. 15, 2017No More Hiding
Jun. 8, 2017Never Alone
Jun. 1, 2017The Power of Affection
May 25, 2017Do you wait for Shabbat
May 18, 2017Shabbat Energy
May 11, 2017Shabbat Fixing
May 4, 2017The Most Longed For Day
Mar. 23, 2017Self Evaluation
Mar. 16, 2017A Day of Joy
Mar. 9, 2017Initimate Bond
Mar. 2, 2017Perek 92 - צב
Feb. 23, 2017The light of Shabbat
Feb. 16, 2017See things clearly
Feb. 9, 2017The Number 7
Feb. 2, 2017Shabbat Smiles
Jan. 19, 2017What we do
Jan. 12, 2017Shabbat is our Beit HaMikdash
Dec 22, 2016A Day of Emuna
Dec 8, 2016Shabbat Vayechulu
Dec 1, 2016One Palace
Nov. 23, 2016Adding Value
Nov. 17, 2016Kiddush, Part 4
Nov. 10, 2016Kiddush, Part 3
Nov. 3, 2016Kiddush, Part 2
Oct. 26, 2016Kiddush, Part 1
Oct. 13, 2016Mid Friday
Oct. 6, 2016Thursday Night Torah Study
Sept. 28, 2016How to Experience True Oneg Shabbat
Sept. 21, 2016Directing our Tefillot Part 3
Sept. 15, 2016Directing our Tefillot Part 2
Sept. 8, 2016Directing our Tefillot Part 1
Aug. 31, 2016The Shabbat 'High'
Aug. 24, 2016You are One
Jul. 20, 20167 Jewels of Shabbat
Jul. 13, 20165 Levels of the Soul
Jul. 7, 2016Hashem's Yearning
Jun. 30, 2016Spiritual Joy
Jun. 23, 2016Not Finished
Jun. 16, 2016Love and Restraint
Jun. 9, 2016The Fountain of Blessings
Jun. 2, 2016My Love to You Hashem
May 26, 2016The Beautiy of Shabbat
May 18, 2016Boils Down to Emuna
May 12, 2016Shabbat A Private Time
Apr. 14, 2016Join Hashem For The Shabbat Meals
Apr. 6, 2016Shabbat Night and Morning
Mar. 16, 2016Finding Hashem Through Fear And Love
Mar. 9, 20163 Levels Of Holiness
Feb. 24, 2016Ein Od Milvado
Feb. 17, 2016Shabbat Illuminates
Feb. 10, 2016A Day of Light
Feb. 3, 2016A Time Alone
Jan. 27, 2016A Day of Emuna
Jan. 20, 2016Ladder to Heaven
Jan. 13, 2016Talmidei Chachamim
Jan. 7, 2016Me'ain Olam Haba
Dec. 23, 2015Shabbat Beit HaMikdash Part 2
Dec. 17, 2015The Source of Shabbat Holiness
Dec. 9, 2015Fragrant Smell of Shabbat
Dec. 2, 2015Shabbat and Beit HaMikdash
Nov. 26, 2015Holding holiness for the entire week
Nov. 18, 2015Making a Big Deal of Shabbat
Aug. 27, 2015Do not light a fire
Aug. 20, 2015Shabbat laws
Aug. 13, 2015Singing Shabbat Praises - Part II
Aug. 5, 2015Singing Shabbat Praises - Part I
Jul. 23, 2015Shabbat Zmeirot
Jul. 16, 2015Kiddush Wine
Jul. 10, 2015Friday Kiddush
Jun. 18, 2015Hashem's Treasury
Jun. 11, 2015Thinking about Shabbat all week long
Jun. 3, 2015The Gift of The Additional Soul Part 2
May 27, 2015The gift of the additional soul Part 1
May 20, 2015 Infusing Holiness into Shabbat
May 14, 2015Adding to our Shabbat
May 7, 2015Shabbat Light
Apr. 29, 2015Preparing for Shabbat
Apr. 23, 2015Surpassing Reality
Apr. 15, 2015Shabbat the Bride
Mar. 19, 2015The Love Of Shabbat
Mar. 11, 2015Hashem's Treasure House
Mar. 5, 2015Taste Of Olam Haba
Jan. 29, 2015Chassidic Dimension
Jan. 22, 2015Hidden Treasure
Jan. 15, 20156th & 7th Dimension
Jan. 8, 2015Havdalah, Light and Fire
Jan. 1, 2015Neshama Yetira
Dec. 25, 2014Shalom Through Candlelighting
Dec. 18, 2014Partnership
Dec. 11, 2014Homecoming
Dec. 4, 2014Illuminating Our Spiritual Path
Nov. 20, 2014Peace Within
Nov. 20, 2014Creation of Rest
Nov. 6, 2014Honor and Delight
Sep. 19, 2014Gift Of Torah
Sep. 12, 2014Gift Of Shabbat
Sep. 5, 2014 Shamor v'Zachor

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