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Daily Dose Of Emuna, Orit Esther Riter,


Recorded Lectures

November 3, 2013
Daily Dose Of Emuna


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DateTopicWatch at Code #
DateTopicWatch at Code #
Aug. 9, 2018Elul Finding Hashem, Finding the Real You
Aug. 3 2018Litle Kids; Chronically ill Parents - Orit Esther Riter at Heather Dean Radio Show
Jul. 25, 2018Emuna Words Of Comfort - Connected To Tu B'Av
Jul. 12, 2018The World is Built on Loving kindnes - Tisha B Av
Jul. 10, 2018The Wonders of Color Therapy for Emotional Wellness Part 2
Jul. 4, 2018The Wonders of Color Therapy for Emotional Wellness Part 1
Jun. 27, 2018Emuna​ & ​Emotions: Tammuz - V'Ahavta L'Reicha Kamocha
Feb. 12, 2018Down To Earth Emuna With Teenagers


Feb. 8, 2018Seudat Hodaya - My Personal Miracle - הניסים שלי - English and Hebrew


Jan. 31, 2018Yitro: No Doubts With Emuna


Jan. 29, 2018Emunah Day 5778: Finding Hashem in All Situations


Dec. 14, 2017Chanukah All Year - At Home in Jerusalem Podcast: Heather Dean with Orit Esther Riter


Dec. 13, 2017Chanukah - Show Me the Light
Dec. 6, 2017Shalom Bait - What Love Got To Do With It? With Orit Esther Riter and Judy Green


Nov. 29, 2017Emuna And Emotions - Parshat Vayishlach ~ Cast Away
Nov. 15, 2017Emuna And Emotions - Parshat Toldot: ~ Dip Deep, Reveal & Renew ​Yourself
Nov. 1, 2017Emuna And Emotions - Parshat Vayera
Sept.7, 2017The Sweet Components of Rosh Hashanah
Jul. 30, 2017Why Tisha B'Av?
Jul. 23, 2017It's Dark - Shine Your Light
Jul. 18, 2017Whats In The Cover?
Jul. 4, 2017TAMMUZ~The Month Of Controlling Our Emotions
Jun. 25, 2017Practically Speaking ~ How Can We Feel Hashem's Present?
Jun. 20, 2017The Deep Levels of the Soul Part 2
Jun. 13, 2017The Deep Levels of the Soul Part 1
Jun. 6, 2017Soul Energy - Auras, Emotions & Energy
May 28, 2017Worldwide Women's Teleconference - Short Version - Treasuring Our Femininity - Mrs. Orit Esther Riter
May 28, 2017Worldwide Women's Teleconference - Full Version - Treasuring Our Femininity - R. Tehilla Abramov & Mrs. Orit Esther Riter
May 24, 2017Shavuot: Back at Har Sinai ​ with​ ​ Guided meditation to feel yourself the​re!
Apr. 5, 2017Pesach cleaning chizuk
Mar. 27, 2017Freeing Ourselves From Emotional Slavery - Pesach message
Nov. 8, 2016Rachel Imeinu and our Racheli Sinvani z'l
Oct. 19, 2016Seudat Hoday and Tribute To Rebbe Nachman - Orit Esther Riter with R Nissenbaum & Bostoner Rebetzin
Sept. 4, 2016Elul - Refresh Your Spirit
Aug. 5, 2016Chodesh Av: Exile, Tears and Our Tikkun At Five Towns, NY - Ohel Sarah Amen Group
Aug. 4, 2016The Secrets of the Challah At Beit Gavriel Shul, Queens NY
Jul. 10, 2016Emuna and Emotions, dedicated l'iluy nishmat Eleanor Dorothy bat Maime and Arthur z'l
Jun. 8, 2016Shavuot - Feeling Har Sinai
May 30, 2016Na'aseh v'Nishmah - The Real Work Within
May 23, 2016Bechukotai ~ Remind me again... Why am I here?
May 16, 2016The Beauty Of The Omer & Orit's Personal Omer Story
Apr. 11, 2016Uplifting Our Pesach
Mar. 16, 2016Purim, Emuna & Geula
Mar. 8, 2016Parshat Pekudei: True Holiness
Feb. 31, 2016Faith & Redemption at Chazaq Forest Hills, NY
Feb. 27, 2016Dressing Up For Geulah Part 2 in Passaic Park, NJ
Feb. 24, 2016Emuna And Geula in Passaic Park, NJ
Feb. 21, 2016Emuna And Family Life in Flatbush, NY
Feb. 17, 2016In Memory of Rivka bat Salamon and Esther - Let's learn Emuna
Feb. 16, 2016Parshat Tetzaveh - The Mishkan, Our Home
Feb. 2, 2016Parshat Mishpatim - The Nisayon Of Parnasa
Jan. 28, 2016Parshat Yitro - A Man of Emuna
Jan. 20, 2016Parshat Beshalach - Fear, Mesirut Nefesh, Song
Jan. 17, 2016Free Live Tele Conference - Tzniut, Emuna & Geula
Jan. 13, 2016Parshat Bo: Coming to Pharoah
Jan. 5, 2016Parshat Va'eira: Where is Pharoah Holding?
Dec.29, 2015 Parshat Shemot: A Jorney Into Ourselves
Dec. 22, 2015Emuna and Geulah Parshat Vayechi, Learning to Love
Dec. 20, 2015Free Live Tele Conference Emuna and Geula Dec. 20, 2015
Dec.15, 2015 Parshat Vayigash: Mashiach Ben Yosef
Dec. 13, 2015Free Live Tele Conference Emuna and Geula
Dec. 12, 2015Chanukah And Geula
Nov. 30, 2015Lighting Up Geula in Chanukah
Nov. 18, 2015Geulah In The Works
Aug. 25, 2015Parsha Ki Teitzei - Elul, Living a Life of Awareness
Aug. 18, 2015Parshat Shoftim, Insights into Elul
Jun. 22, 2015Parshat Chukat - Irrational vs. Rational
Jun. 8, 2015Parshat Shelach Lecha - A glimpse into the Promised Land
Jun. 1, 2015Parshat Be'halotecha - Journeys
May 18, 2015Shavuot Receiving the Torah and so much more
May 10, 2015Parshat Bechukotai - Freedom, Antisemitism, Blessing and Curses
May 4, 2015Parshat Behar - Shmittah and Emuna
Apr. 27, 2015Emor - Say What?
Apr. 19, 2015Emuna Insights Into Chodesh Iyar And The Omer
Mar. 5, 2015Purim and Geulah!
Jan. 27, 2015Parshat Beshalach - Our Journey
Jan. 20, 2015Parshat Bo - ​Hashem is With Us!
Jan. 13, 2015Parshat Va​era: Trust vs. Doubt
Jan. 5, 2015Parshat Shemot: Exile
Dec. 30, 2014Vayechi, Concealment and Geulah
Dec. 9, 2014Vayeshev: Toil or Tranquility?
Dec. 2, 2014Parshat Vayishlach - Who am I?
Nov. 21, 2014Kislev - The light in our lives
Nov. 18, 2014Toldot: My Story, Your Story, Our Story & Viewpoint on Suffering and Recent Tragedies
Nov. 11, 2014Chayei Sarah - Making our days count
Oct. 28, 2014Lech Lecha - Where Are We Going?
Oct. 21, 2014Noach: How to survive the flood
Oct. 11, 2014Succah Of Emuna
Sep. 16, 2014 Can't Live Without You, Hashem
Sep. 9, 2014Elul: Getting Married ... to Hashem
Sep. 2, 2014The Five Missions of Chodesh Elul
Aug. 26, 2014Elul: How to get 'High' on the Holidays
Jul. 29, 2014Av: Preparing for the Geulah​
Jul. 24, 2014Hafrashat Challah, Baking Challah for the Soldier
Jul. 1, 2014How to Cope With The Loss of Our Boys
Jun. 10, 2014Sivan is in the air! The ability to move forward
May 27, 2014Shavuot, Awakening our Emuna for Matan Torah Part 2
May 18, 2014Shavuot, Awakening our Emuna for Matan Torah Part 1
May 11, 2014Emuna Reflections on Creation Part 3 Exploring the Origins of Chinese Medicine in Torah
May.6, 2014Emuna Reflections on Creation Part 2
Apr. 29, 2014Emuna Reflections on Creation Part 1
Mar. 18, 2014Exploring free will. Are we really free to choose?
Mar. 4, 2014Shalom within and without Part 6 Just being happy
Feb. 25, 2014Purim: the Esther, Haman, and Mordechai in all of us - Part 2
Feb. 18, 2014Purim: the Esther, Haman, and Mordechai in all of us - Part 1
Feb. 11, 2014Shalom within and without Part 5 Freeing Ourselves From Repression
Feb.4, 2014The Emunah Factor Laughing and Dancing in Adar​ (Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem)
Jan. 28Shalom within and without Part 4 Mastering our minds and emotions
Jan. 22Emuna is a life of serenity
Jan. 11, 2014Connecting to Hashem in Tu B' Shvat, insights into spiritual eating
Jan. 31. 2013Emuna In Tu B’Shevat And How To Do A Tu B’Shevat Seder (recorded At 2013)
Dec. 24, 2013Shalom within and without Part 3 Minding our minds
Dec. 17, 2013Shalom within and without Part 2 Healing our middot
Dec. 10, 2013Shalom within and without Part 1 Working towards inner peace and peace in our homes
Nov. 30, 2013The lights of Chanukah, Orit Riter together with the guest speaker Devorah Yaffa Singer
Nov. 26, 2013A war for light
Nov. 19Yemot Mashiach, Part 5
Nov. 10Parnassa - its all from Hashem (At Fair Lawn, NJ Shomrei Torah)
Nov. 4How to be happy on the roller-coaster of life (At Bukarian Congregation, Jamaica NY)
Nov. 3, 2012Hashem Rofecha - Healing with emuna (Passaic, NJ)
Oct. 31, 2013A lesson a month with the college girls in NYC- Emuna Attitude
Oct. 30, 2013Bringing up your children with emuna (Teaneck, NJ)
Oct. 1, 2013Now what? Keeping the emuna after the chagim
Sep. 10, 2013Aseres Yemei Teshuva - It's time to dig deep; accessing genuine teshuva
Aug. 27, 2013A spiritual experience at the kotel
Aug. 20, 2013Elul: Building harmony between body and soul
Aug.13, 2013Elul: Storehouse of Emuna and Teshuvah
Aug. 8, 2013Nishmat Kol Chai: Start the Month of Elul with Gratitude
Jul. 9, 2013Cry no more Yerushalayim
Jul. 2, 2013Galut HaShechinah: We were like dreamers
May 28, 2013Learning emuna through Rachel Imeinu
May 21, 2013Tehilim Chapter 27


  1. Yehuda November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

    Please check out our movie hitbodedut. Can be seen hitbodedut Its in hebrew english french spanish russian if u can announce on your site would be great

    • Orit Esther Riter November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

      I posted it onto the site. Thank you.

  2. Orit Esther Riter November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

    I listened to last week’s shiur. It was wonderful. A great reminder for me at this time, particularly. Enjoyed last week’s, as well (but you’ll have to fill me in on what you said afterwards when the camera wasn’t looking!) I like hearing you in person (you shine) but for various reasons couldn’t get out. In general you give voice to all that is in my heart. May HaShem give you koach to continue being that mouthpiece.

    B’bracha, Fayge

  3. A Viewpoint on Suffering | Daily Dose of Emuna November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

    […] To view this week’s shiur on Parshat Toldot and insightful words of consolation on recent events please view HERE. […]

  4. leah Morris November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

    dear orit I would like to donate to you for all the beautiful shurim . could you please e-mail me an address I can send money to thank you for your emuna snd spreading it all of us. love Leah

  5. November 3, 2013at 5:58 pm Reply

    As I am watching you i just wanted to say thank you for you sharing your words
    thank you for sharing your learning

    You truly inspire and change me

    I am so thankful to Hashem that Vicky told me 2 yrs ago to come to your shiur!

    May you always be successful

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