Orit Esther Riter from the online articles “Daily Dose of Emuna” and head of “Events with Emuna” WELCOMES YOU!!!!!

The goal of the Daily Dose of Emuna emails, shiurim, listening g’mach and upcoming book is to spiritually guide and teach practical coping skills on how to tackle life’s challenges.  The intention of every email and class is to assist each person in finding her personal path that leads to a closer relationship with Hashem.

Orit encounters women daily from all walks of life and from all over the world in order to offer emotional strength and direction weaved with honesty and care. The emphasis is to leave women with greater feelings of emuna, light and hope.

The Torah teaches, “You shall know this day and cause it to dwell in your heart that Hashem is G-d in heaven above and on the earth below; there is none else but Him.” (Sefer Devarim 4:39).

There are two stages to learning heartfelt emuna.  The initial stage begins in the mind; the latter step is ‘causing it to dwell in one’s heart’.  It begins as intellectual emuna; an unwavering mindset that there is only One creator who runs every miniscule aspect of the world.  The second is the process of implanting this knowledge in one’s heart to the point where one experiences it in the deepest way.

Emuna (faithfulness) is an innate gift bestowed by Hashem to every Jew – however it must be constantly cultivated and reawakened for it to be real.  In the Talmud Masechet Makkot (24a) we are taught of the vital importance of learning emuna through the verse, “v’Tzaddik b’Emunato Yichyeh (The righteous man will live by his faith)”

** We need emuna to live!​ **

We should strive to live a life that resonates with emuna; where it flows in our arteries and pumps life into our body. Emuna defines a life where we believe that Hashem never has, does or will forsake us.

We need to make the effort and develop our emuna – shifting it from an innate sense of truth to a committed recognition of truth. When a person knows something with certainty, he is not afraid to ask questions since he is loyal to the deep inner truth he has internalized.

There is nothing like the calm conviction that radiates with clear comprehension – a place where no doubt rises even when questions appear. When we take the time to learn emuna our lives will begin to sculpt a pure path enriched with purpose.

How does one begin to live a life of emuna? It is here at the Daily Dose of Emuna where you can acquire the tools to be well on your way, B’H.   ​ Allow yourself to learn a different way of living and share the gift with others.

Stay in touch and post your comments.  We would love to hear from you!​

This website is intended for Torah study for women.

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Many Thanks

Thank you to my ‘Emuna Team’ of women who support and care about the work at the Daily Dose of Emuna no less than me.  Without them I could not possibly do anything!
To Tzippy Erblich who graciously opens up her home to us week after week to host the weekly shiurim in RBS-A. Thank you Leora Adam for hosting the Monday morning shiurim bi-monthly at your home for the women who cannot attend in the evenings.
Of course to Kayla Krauss of Kayla Krauss Graphics and Multimedia who designed this amazing website and continues to upkeep it so loyally.
To Elisheva Goldwater of Imagine Graphics who created the beautiful Daily Dose of Emuna logo and continues to design the many fliers. Thank you so much.
Another huge thank you to Danielle Ledder who has assisted with content tuning and grammar in particular for the upcoming book.
Thank you so much! -Orit Esther Riter


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  1. Miriam from London /

    Dear Orit,

    A big shkoyach for all the inspiration you are giving me and so many other people through your daily Divrei Torah. May you be very blessed and greatly rewarded for it!

  2. Chaya Sara /

    Thank you so much for all your work! Let’s bring MOSHIACH now!

    1. Orit Esther Riter /

      AMEN, b’rachamim, b’karov!. Help spread the word… we all need this.

  3. A.R. /

    Dear Orit,
    Just a small note to thank you for your daily emails.
    They start my day being more mindful of Hashem in my life.
    It’s Hashem’s messages every day to me.
    May the zchus of being the shaliach of encouragement & emunah to Klal Yisroel bring you whatever you need in your life.
    Chazak chazak!

  4. Linda /

    Thank you so much, Orit, for these emails. I was a first timer yesterday in your Emuna Webinar and enjoyed it very much. Linda :)

  5. Donna /

    I will miss you while you are away!! I will be praying for you.

  6. Rivka /

    BARUCH Hashem!!!!!!
    Nisch Cie kass Najswietszy Elochim blogoslawi Ort

    SHALOM Alechem


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