Crying With Hashem


Crying With Hashem

January 2, 2018
Orit Esther Riter
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A Jew who is tormented by his afflictions thinks that he suffers alone as if all his personal afflictions and those of all of B’nei Yisrael do not affect Hashem,c”v. Yeshaya the prophet said, ‘In all their troubles He was troubled,’ and Chazal tell us, ‘When a person suffers, what does the Shechina say? “My head is too heavy for Me, My arm is too heavy for Me.” When a Yid is afflicted Hashem suffers, as it were, much more than the person does. The reason being that since Hashem is not subject to any limitation, therefore His suffering from Israel’s troubles is also boundless.

Precisely because Hashem is infinite, ‘His suffering’ is infinite and beyond human conception. The rivers of tears shed by Ahm Yisrael who are in pain are like a mere trickle compared to the ocean that is Hashem’s suffering. He stands with us at every street crossing and knows our fears. There is a reason, and the questions do have answers. Hashem, so to speak, is in His inner chambers weeping, so that one who pushes in and comes close to Him by means of living in a Torah way weeps together with Him and lives Torah with Him. Only this makes the difference, for the weeping and pain a person undergoes by himself, alone, may have the effect of breaking him and bringing him down so that he becomes incapable of doing anything.

But the weeping a person does together with Hashem strengthens him. He weeps, and is strengthened; he is broken, but finds courage to study and teach. It is hard to raise one’s self up, time and again, from the tribulations, but when one is determined, stretching his mind to connect with Hashem, then he enters the inner chambers where the blessed Holy One is to be found; he weeps and wails together with Him, as it were, and finds the strength to study and serve Him.

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