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The Ratzon Chabura Workshop – Discover Your Ratzon

September 11, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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What the Ladies are saying

Hi Orit, wanted to share with you that as I was doing meditation at the end of the Ratzon class, the first thoughts of feeling love and warmth were sent to you. In fact I remember saying, LOVE you Orit for such wonderful knowledge and experience. The words don’t relay even closely the feeling I had at the moment for you and of course for Hashem
So thanks again for your time, wisdom and love that you unconditionally share with is all

FREE introductory class from Sunday, Sept. 10th, 8:00 pm. Women’s chabura with Orit Esther Riter of teaching Emotional wellness through Torah Wisdom.
“Discover your Ratzon” (the prerequisite to being the best you) full series start after Sukkos and meet 2 evenings a month.
If you would like to learn more please contact


Outline for upcoming Ratzon Chabura 

~ 16 part series 



Emotional Wellness through Torah Wisdom

Taught by Orit Esther Riter


1~ Introduction to the idea of ratzon in one’s life

2~ Ratzon: the pipeline to all blessings

3~ Correcting our vision: taking a glimpse at the way ‘Hashem sees things’ – Part I

Developing our ratzon through the ten sefirot and G-dly channels and five worlds

4~  Chochmah: Koach Mah the strength of wisdom / using our mental energy to drive our ratzon

5~  Binah: analyzing the way we think / exploring the hidden mind

6~  Da’at: intimate knowledge / the bridge between mind and body / knowing what we want

7~  Chesed: loving what we have, want and need

8~  Gevurah: how much and how little to need and want / setting correct boundaries

9~  Tiferet: sharpening our awareness of what drives us to want / being more mindful

10~ Netzach: making the commitment to stick with what we want

11~ Hod: recognizing the gifts of life and developing appreciation for what we have and desire

12~ Yesod: putting our ratzon into action / making what we want happen

13~ Malchut: staying motivated and positively effecting other people’s ratzon

14~ Correcting our vision: taking a glimpse at the way ‘Hashem sees things’ – Part II

15~ Practically applying the ten sefirot to our individual desires

16~ Facing the obstacles that hinder fulfilling what we truly want


For questions about payment and how to sign-up for chabura please contact ~ Tammi Schwartz:

First class to begin Tuesday, Jan. 16 and to continue every other Tuesday,(subject to changes due to chagim and Orit’s working schedule). You may join at any time and receive past recordings of entire lecture series.

Class set up as follows:  First 15 minutes is a review of previous class with Q&A. New class material follows for next 45-60 minutes. Class ends with open Q&A for about 15-30 minutes at most.

In between classes communication and ongoing support will be via chavrutas (partners), email group, ability to reach out to Orit with questions/thoughts/challenges (she will respond as best as possible, B’H), practical exercises and recording of classes will be made available to participants (please do not share with others outside the group).

The atmosphere of the group will lean towards open-mindedness, support of one another and resemble a support group in our avodat Hashem. An open confidential group based on lovingkindness and genuine care of one another.

Looking forward to Siyatta D’shmaya in helping you transform the way you live 


Elul Recorded Lectures

August 28, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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DateTopicWatch at
DateTopicWatch at
Sept. 4, 2016'The Miriam Project' - Geula Teleconference
Sept. 4, 2016Elul - Refresh Your Spirit
Sept. 9, 2014Elul: Getting Married ... to Hashem
Sept. 2, 2014The Five Missions of Chodesh Elul
Aug, 26, 2014How to get 'High' on the Holidays
Aug, 26, 2013Kotel Live | A spiritual experience at the kotel
Aug, 19, 2013Elul: Building harmony between body and soul
Aug, 12, 2013Elul: Storehouse of Emuna and Teshuvah
Aug, 5, 2013Nishmat Kol Chai: Start the Month of Elul with Gratitude
May 28, 2013Perek 27 Tehilim

Devorah Benarroch with Orit Esther Riter

May 22, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Dear Friends,

I am super excited to introduce my Mentor, Teacher, and Friend Mrs. Orit Esther Riter. She is a dynamic Speaker and Educator who has undergone a major personal transformation in her life. Going from a secular life to one that is spiritually rich, Orit has cracked the code on how to use one’s Emuna to transform ANY of life’s WORST adversities into stepping stones for personal growth!!

Orit has reprogrammed her outlook on life in order to achieve the life she always dreamed of having but wasn’t sure how to attain.

Through her own personal and spiritual growth in Torah, Orit discovered the method that SHE now uses every day to enhance self-growth and strengthen her mental and physical well-being while continuing to face life’s ongoing challenges.

One of Orit’s goals is to share her “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with everyone! Orit believes that any person can transform their entire life, no matter how challenging their circumstances may be, and no matter where they are spiritually. Orit has learned this firsthand by doing it and living it!

Orit has gone through many of life’s most difficult tests being a child of divorce, having suffered emotional traumas, overcoming business and personal bankruptcy, being diagnosed with MS and relocating her family to Israel to name a few. She has been confronted with uncertainty time and time again, but with the Emuna toolkit Orit incorporated into her life, she continues to land on her own two feet. Orit can’t hold back any longer and feels that she must share her powerful “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with YOU!!

Orit Esther Riter is available to speak at your next conference, convention, school, community, organization or special event. Empower yourself and learn the methods Orit has discovered to take control of your life, and achieve the peace and harmony that awaits you…

Orit’s bio and achievements are on her website

Orit offers:
Inspirational speaking topics that may include:

“Emuna Transformation Toolkit” – Triple E Formula – Emuna, Emotions & Energy

“Turning Emuna into Action” – Where everything begins

“Forget Regret, learn to Apologize & Forgive” – Detox with Emuna

“Experience your Emotions through the Weekly Torah Portion & Holidays”

Other opportunities:

  • Challah Baking – For 40 ladies or more, turn this Mitzvah into a transformational experience
  • Tefilla trip to Kevarim/Holy Burial Sites – A powerful experience to connect with our Ancestors and Holy Sages (many people have done this L’iluy nishmat, in memory of a loved one or Refuah Shleimah, healing for someone in need)
  • Guest Host for Shabbaton
  • Private Torah Therapy & Energy Session – Orit offers one-on-one Torah Therapy a comprehensive therapy that addresses mind, body & soul as one unit. It includes but is not limited to Guided imagery exercises, energy medicine, analysis based on body ailments, color therapy, and deep soul talk.

Please note, Orit will be in the US from August 3-16, otherwise, she can work international travel into her schedule.

You may contact me or Orit through her website. To invite Orit to your community please contact Devorah at

Many Blessings,
Devorah Benarroch


Torah Therapy just for you!

January 17, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna

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R’ Chaim Malinowitz Shlit’a, Rav of Beis Tefillah in RBS-A has looked into the energy work R’ Orit practices and stated there is no issur involved and no avodah zara and mutar to practice this type of energy therapy.






Torah therapy has worked amazingly well for me and my family. It boggles my mind every time I think about where we were a yr ago compared to where we are now. The physical as well as the spiritual changes are drastic and life altering. Yes, there is homework, yes having support from another person while going through the process is important, yes it’s a commitment, but Holy moly it’s really really worth it!! Thank you Hashem for picking a qualified, sensitive, compassionate, loving, strong woman to be our personal shaliach. May everyone she comes in contact with, benefit from this holy gift as much or even more than we have! ​ R.N. from Woodmere, NY​

I just wanted to share a testimony of my experience working with Rebbetzin Esther. Her sessions have been extremely helpful to myself and my family, and i am very very grateful that Hashem led me to her. All that hitbodedut I’ve been doing is paying off! I see a tremendous improvement in my husband. I am starting to notice changes in my children- with confidence and well being. Reb Orit is always a click away and she responds quickly and efficiently. As a health and wellness practitioner myself I am impressed with her level of knowledge and understanding. I ask her questions at nauseum and she never turns me away. She has gone above and beyond my expectations…and that is very hard to do. When she start s teaching classes on her methods, I’m first in line!

It was a true joy having the experience of Rebbetzin Orit as my therapist. I have created such a great bond with her where she made me feel safe and she has tremendously helped me onto a better path in life. She even checks up on you throughout the week to see how you are feeling. I without a doubt recommend her to everyone that is in need of help ~ R. from Queens

Personally my family has benefited greatly from seeing R’ Orit. Through her powerful energy work and color therapy she was able to strengthen my entire family in many different areas. Such as bed wetting, coping better, getting rid of anger, improving self esteem, removing fears, negativity, and jealousy. While providing major energy boosts, and providing very very quick results. I highly highly recommend her ~ F. from RBS-A

Shalom, Baruch HaShem, my husband had started, it is unbelievable. I thought I would never see him smile, he controls his anger and he seems much more calmer. It’s a real miracle. Thank you, Thank you, may Hashem continue giving you the zchus to share your talent.​

B’H I feel a huge shift. Kind of like a detachment from all the negativity I felt from my friendship.
My friend actually called me yesterday- the first time in weeks – with complaints and ridiculous accusations and I just let it roll off… ​ You helped my hugely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ​~ L. from Toronto

​I am so grateful to have benefited from a healing session with R’ Orit. I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I now have more clarity and energy and strength and feel healing happening B’H! R’ Orit is B’H a emesdik shaliach. I highly recommend a consultation and am so grateful for her involvement, koach, help and results I see and feel.

Thanks so much.  *** mentioned​ last night that her ex told her that there was something different about her 🙂 She wasn’t getting angry at him like before. Thank you for everything ~ M. from Toronto

… ​ But for starters *** is doing fabulously!! Has called 3 times to just say how good he is feeling!!!(which is unusual for him! He’s not so great with being in touch & certainly not to just tell me he’s feeling good!!!!) ​~  N. from Lakewood

“Torah therapy with Orit is a blessing from heaven brought down to Earth. I reccommend it for anyone seeking a better, more meaningful life.”

Good morning Orit!
After listening to your voice note it took me some time to ingest all that has been said ​…​ ​ after years of building brick after brick in my heart I can finally say that you broke that wall!!! ​… ​ So yes I admit that you are definitely right about ​… ​
As I was listening to your voice messages I had a feeling of warm energy going through my entire body. ​.. It’s truly a turn around and may these feeling ​s​ of ​closeness ​ stay with me. ​.. ZC from NY

Hi Rebbetzin Orit. I just wanted to thank you tremendously for helping change my life. I remeber we started our energy sessions some time this time last year and im thinking about how so much had changed and my life and thoughts are so much more positive than they use to be a year ago. If it wasnt for you I would probably still be in a negative and depressive state of mind. Thank you so much for helping me!!! Oct 30, 2017

My testimonial: to know what Emet is it’s Orit and her therapy. Everything she has mentioned and anticipated has been right on! The honest truth is, one did not get all these energy deficiencies in one day and you have to be patient. For my relative it took a few sessions to kick in but when I first saw that small change it was like moshiach is here!! Sometimes things are deeper than speaking with therapist and such, consciously you may think everything is on point but there is so much beneath it. And that is where Orit helped us the most! We talked out all our problems and understand them but the underlying layers needed to be cleared and balanced for us to live the most optimal life! Hashem should bless Orit and I can’t wait to see the continued success between her and my family! Thank you hashem!

The Chesed Fund

October 20, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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“Tzedakah is more than giving money ~ When done properly it shows empathy and compassion toward the person or cause you give to.”

Thousands worldwide have experienced what the Daily Dose of Emuna has done ~ 
Torah learning, care and emotional personal support, chesed support & activities and kiruv to name a few.  

With Hashem’s guidance the Daily Dose of Emuna began it’s Emuna teaching 6 years ago,  a year after my family and I made Aliyah.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006 while pregnant with my last child.   I am a trained chef by profession and could no longer work due to the physical pain.   Our home went into foreclosure and savings gone towards everyday living expenses. We made Aliyah with the last bit of money we had.

At first I tried to work but couldn’t physically with my ongoing MS relapses.   My husband does the catering now and learns. We go more into debt everyday.

I asked myself where does Hashem want me to go with this? I knew Hashem wanted me to grow in other ways and began to learn and write Emuna posts.  Before I knew it thousands of women were signing up and still do ’til today.  We were always the givers,  now we are the receivers.  This too is a great lesson in growth and avodah. I get calls and requests for emotional, spiritual and financial support everyday.

B’H I have the privilege to teach emuna, author Emuna emails and latest book ‘Turnaround – 180 degrees in 180 days’ and personally mentor everyday.   With your help the important work will continue.

Your donations are very much needed and truly appreciated.

Donations of $5, $10, $20 or anything is vital for the Daily Dose of Emuna to keep doing its work.

Every bit helps. Tizku l’mitzvot. Thank you. 


Click here to Donate


The Secrets of the Challah

August 8, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Learn step by step instruction on how to make a challah.



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