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Torah Therapy just for you!

January 17, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna

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R’ Chaim Malinowitz Shlit’a, Rav of Beis Tefillah in RBS-A has looked into the energy work R’ Orit practices and stated there is no issur involved and no avodah zara and mutar to practice this type of energy therapy.



​​I just wanted to share a testimony of my experience working with Rebbetzin Esther. Her sessions have been extremely helpful to myself and my family, and i am very very grateful that Hashem led me to her. All that hitbodedut I’ve been doing is paying off! I see a tremendous improvement in my husband. I am starting to notice changes in my children- with confidence and well being. Reb Orit is always a click away and she responds quickly and efficiently. As a health and wellness practitioner myself I am impressed with her level of knowledge and understanding. I ask her questions at nauseum and she never turns me away. She has gone above and beyond my expectations…and that is very hard to do. When she start s teaching classes on her methods, I’m first in line!

It was a true joy having the experience of Rebbetzin Orit as my therapist. I have created such a great bond with her where she made me feel safe and she has tremendously helped me onto a better path in life. She even checks up on you throughout the week to see how you are feeling. I without a doubt recommend her to everyone that is in need of help ~ R. from Queens

Personally my family has benefited greatly from seeing R’ Orit. Through her powerful energy work and color therapy she was able to strengthen my entire family in many different areas. Such as bed wetting, coping better, getting rid of anger, improving self esteem, removing fears, negativity, and jealousy. While providing major energy boosts, and providing very very quick results. I highly highly recommend her ~ F. from RBS-A

Shalom, Baruch HaShem, my husband had started, it is unbelievable. I thought I would never see him smile, he controls his anger and he seems much more calmer. It’s a real miracle. Thank you, Thank you, may Hashem continue giving you the zchus to share your talent.​

B’H I feel a huge shift. Kind of like a detachment from all the negativity I felt from my friendship.
My friend actually called me yesterday- the first time in weeks – with complaints and ridiculous accusations and I just let it roll off… ​ You helped my hugely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ​~ L. from Toronto

​I am so grateful to have benefited from a healing session with R’ Orit. I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I now have more clarity and energy and strength and feel healing happening B’H! R’ Orit is B’H a emesdik shaliach. I highly recommend a consultation and am so grateful for her involvement, koach, help and results I see and feel.

Thanks so much.  *** mentioned​ last night that her ex told her that there was something different about her 🙂 She wasn’t getting angry at him like before. Thank you for everything ~ M. from Toronto

… ​ But for starters *** is doing fabulously!! Has called 3 times to just say how good he is feeling!!!(which is unusual for him! He’s not so great with being in touch & certainly not to just tell me he’s feeling good!!!!) ​~  N. from Lakewood

The Chesed Fund

October 20, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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“Tzedakah is more than giving money ~ When done properly it shows empathy and compassion toward the person or cause you give to.”

Thousands worldwide have experienced what the Daily Dose of Emuna has done ~ 
Torah learning, care and emotional personal support, chesed support & activities and kiruv to name a few.  

With Hashem’s guidance the Daily Dose of Emuna began it’s Emuna teaching 6 years ago,  a year after my family and I made Aliyah.  I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2006 while pregnant with my last child.   I am a trained chef by profession and could no longer work due to the physical pain.   Our home went into foreclosure and savings gone towards everyday living expenses. We made Aliyah with the last bit of money we had.

At first I tried to work but couldn’t physically with my ongoing MS relapses.   My husband does the catering now and learns. We go more into debt everyday.

I asked myself where does Hashem want me to go with this? I knew Hashem wanted me to grow in other ways and began to learn and write Emuna posts.  Before I knew it thousands of women were signing up and still do ’til today.  We were always the givers,  now we are the receivers.  This too is a great lesson in growth and avodah. I get calls and requests for emotional, spiritual and financial support everyday.

B’H I have the privilege to teach emuna, author Emuna emails and latest book ‘Turnaround – 180 degrees in 180 days’ and personally mentor everyday.   With your help the important work will continue.

Your donations are very much needed and truly appreciated.

Donations of $5, $10, $20 or anything is vital for the Daily Dose of Emuna to keep doing its work.

Every bit helps. Tizku l’mitzvot. Thank you. 


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Elul Recorded Lectures

September 5, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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DateTopicWatch at
DateTopicWatch at
Sept. 4, 2016'The Miriam Project' - Geula Teleconference
Sept. 4, 2016Elul - Refresh Your Spirit
Sept. 9, 2014Elul: Getting Married ... to Hashem
Sept. 2, 2014The Five Missions of Chodesh Elul
Aug, 26, 2014How to get 'High' on the Holidays
Aug, 26, 2013Kotel Live | A spiritual experience at the kotel
Aug, 19, 2013Elul: Building harmony between body and soul
Aug, 12, 2013Elul: Storehouse of Emuna and Teshuvah
Aug, 5, 2013Nishmat Kol Chai: Start the Month of Elul with Gratitude
May 28, 2013Perek 27 Tehilim

The Secrets of the Challah

August 8, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Learn step by step instruction on how to make a challah.



Tefilla Before Chodesh Sivan

June 6, 2016
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Tefilla of the Shelah Hakadosh

This special prayer was composed by the Shelah Hakadosh to express the prayers of parents on behalf of their children. The Shelah said the optimal time for parents to recite this prayer is Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan , but it may be recited anytime. The holy Shlah Hakadosh left Europe in the 17th century and made his home in Eretz Yisrael, becoming chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

The Artscroll website states:

“All parents want the best for their  children — that they should be good and upright, that they have everything  they need for a fruitful, joyous life.

(We recite the prayer anytime but especially…) on THE DAY BEFORE ROSH CHODESH SIVAN,  for that is the month when God gave us the Torah, and when the Jewish people  began to be called His Children. On that day, (the Shelah Hakadosh) writes, fathers and  mothers should give charity to the poor and repent.

Please scroll down for English and Russian translation.




You have been the Eternal, our G-d, before You created the world, and You are the Eternal, our G-d, since you created the world, and You are G-d forever. You created Your world so that Your Divinity should become revealed thorugh Your holy Torah, as our Sages expounded on the first word therein, and for Israel, for they are Your people and Your inheritance whom You have chosen from among all nations. You have given them Your holy Torah and drawn them toward Your great Name. These two commandments are, “Be fruitful and Multiply” and “You shall teach them to your children.” Their purpose is that You did not create the world to be empty, but to be inhabited, and that it is for Your glory that You created, fashioned, and perfected it, so that we, our offspring, and all the descendants of your people Israel will know Your Name and study Your Torah.

Thus I entreat You, O Eternal, supreme King of kings. My eyes are fixed on You until You favor me, and hear my prayer, and provide me with sons and daughters who will also be fruitful and multiply, they and their descendents unto all generations, in order that they and we might all engage in the study of Your holy Torah, to learn and to teach, to observe and to do, and to fulfill with love all the words of Your Torah’s teaching. Enlighten our eyes in Your Torah and attach our heart to Your commandments to love and revere Your Name.

Our Father, compassionate Father, grant us all a long and blessed life. Who is like You, compassionate Father, Who in compassion remembers His creatures for life! Remember us for eternal life, as our Forefather Avraham prayed, “If only Yishmael would live before You,” which the Sages interpreted as “…live in reverence of You.”

For this I have come to appeal and plead before You, that my offspring and their descendants be proper, and that You find no imperfection or disrepute in me or them forever. May they be people of peace, truth, goodness and integrity in the eyes of G-d and man. Help them to become practiced in Torah, accomplished in Scriptures, Mishnah, Talmud, Kabbalah, mitzvos, kindness, and good attributes, and to serve you with an inner love and reverence, not merely outwardly. Provide every one of them with their needs with honor, and give them health, honor and strength, good bearing and appearance, grace and loving-kindness. May love and brotherhood reign among them. Provide them with suitable marriage partners of scholarly and righteous parentage who will also be blessed with all that I have asked for my own descendants, since they will share the same fate.

You, the Eternal, know everything that is concealed, and to You all my heart’s secrets are revealed. For all my intention concerning the above is for the sake of Your great and holy Name and Torah. Therefore, answer me, O Eternal, answer me in the merit of our holy Forefathers Avraham, Yitzchak, and Ya’akov. For the sake of the fathers save the children, so the branches will be like the roots. For the sake of Your servant, David, who is the fourth part of Your Chariot, who sings with Divine inspiration.

A song of ascents. Fortunate is everyone who fears the Eternal, who walks in His ways. When you eat of the toil of your hands, you are fortunate, and good will be yours. Your wife is like a fruitful vine in the inner chambers of your home; your children are like olive shoots around your table. Look! So is blessed the man who fears the Eternal. May the Eternal bless you from Zion, and may you see the good of Jerusalem all the days of your life. May you see your children’s children, peace upon Israel.

Please, O Eternal, Who listens to prayer: May the following verse be fulfilled in me: “‘As for Me,’ says the Eternal, “this My covenant shall remain their very being; My spirit, which rests upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth nor from the mouths of your children, nor from the mouths of your children’s children,” said the Eternal, “from now to all Eternity.” May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing before You, Eternal, my Rock and my Redeemer.



Молитва Шло Акадош за себя и за детей, чтобы они шли прямыми путями

Ты, Г-сподь, Б-г наш, существовал до сотворения мира, и Ты, Б-г наш, не изменился после сотворения мира, и от века до века Ты Б-г. И Ты создал Свой мир, чтобы узнали, что Ты — Б-г, из святой Торы Твоей, как сказали наши мудрецы, благословенна их память: «В начале…» — ради Торы и ради Израиля. Потому что они — народ Твой и удел Твой, Ты избрал их из народов и дал им Свою святую Тору, и приблизил их к Своему великому имени. И о сохранении этого мира и о сохранении Торы даны Тобой, Г-сподь, Б-г наш, два повеления: сказано в Торе Твоей «плодитесь и размножайтесь», и сказано в Торе Твоей: «и научите им сыновей своих». И смысл в них обоих один: что не для пустоты создал Ты [мир], а для заселения, и во славу Свою создал, сотворил и сделал, чтобы мы, и наши дети, и дети детей всего народа Твоего, дома Израиля, знали имя Твоё и изучали Тору Твою.

Итак, я приду к Тебе, Б-же, Царь царей над царями, и буду молить, и глаза мои будут смотреть на Тебя, пока Ты не помилуешь меня и не услышишь мою молитву: послать мне сыновей и дочерей, и чтобы они тоже плодились и размножались, они, и их дети, и дети детей их до конца всех поколений. Для того, чтобы они, и я, и все мы занимались Твоей святой Торой, учили и обучали, хранили, и делали, и выполняли все слова учения Торы Твоей с любовью. И просветли глаза наши Торой Твоей, и привлеки сердце наше к заповедям Твоим, чтобы любить Твоё имя и трепетать перед ним.

Отец наш, отец милосердный, дай нам всем жизнь долгую и благословенную. Кто, подобно Тебе, милостиво вспоминает о созданиях Своих, даруя им жизнь? Вспомни нас и даруй нам жизнь, как молился праотец наш Авраам: «О, лишь бы Ишмаэль жил пред Тобою», и истолковали мудрецы наши, благословенна их память: «в страхе Твоём». И поэтому пришёл я просить и молить пред Тобой, чтобы было семя моё и семя семени моего навеки семенем кашерным. И пусть не будет ни во мне, ни в потомстве моём, ни в потомстве потомства моего никогда никакого порока и позора, только мир и правда, доброе и прямое в глазах Г-спода и в глазах людей. И пусть они будут сведущи в Торе: знают Писание, знают Мишну, знают Талмуд, знают Тайное, соблюдают заповеди, оказывают милость, обладают возвышенными качествами, и пусть служат Тебе с любовью и внутренним трепетом, — не с внешним трепетом. И дай каждому из них то, что им необходимо для достойной жизни, и дай им здоровье, и достоинство, и силу, и дай им статность, и красоту, и привлекательность, и милость, и пусть будет любовь, и братские чувства, и мир между ними. И пошли им достойную пару, из рода мудрецов Торы, из рода праведников, и пусть сами они будут достойными супругами, как я молился о них, потому что одного и того же прошу я для тех и для других.

Ты, Б-же, знаешь все тайны, и пред Тобой открыто скрытое в сердце моём: что я прошу Тебя обо всём этом ради имени Твоего великого и святого и ради святой Торы Твоей. Поэтому ответь мне, Б-же, ответь мне ради праотцев святых, Авраама, Ицхака и Яакова, и ради них спаси сыновей, чтобы ветви были подобны корням. И ради Давида, раба Твоего, четвёртой опоры колесницы, певца, одарённого святым духом Твоим.

Песнь ступеней. Счастлив всякий боящийся Г-спода, следующий путям Его. Когда ешь ты (от) плодов труда рук твоих, счастлив ты и благо тебе. Жена твоя, как лоза виноградная плодоносная, во внутренних покоях дома твоего; сыновья твои, как молодые деревца масличные, вокруг стола твоего. Вот так благословится муж, боящийся Г-спода. Благословит тебя Г-сподь с Цийона и увидишь благополучие Иерусалима во все дни жизни твоей. И увидишь сыновей у сыновей твоих. Мир над Израилем!

Прошу тебя, Б-же, внемлющий молитве! Пусть сбудется со мной то, что сказано в стихе: «И Я — вот завет Мой с ними, — сказал Г-сподь: дух Мой, который на тебе, и слова Мои, которые вложил Я в уста твои, не отступят от уст твоих, и от уст потомков твоих, и от уст потомков потомков твоих, — сказал Господь, — отныне и вовеки».

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