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Orit’s New Book – “EMpowered Emuna”

April 4, 2018
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Sponsor Orit’s upcoming New Book

“EMpowered Emuna”  

The Pathway to Emotional Wellness

It is so exciting to be working once again with Mosaica Publishing to publish the upcoming book (Book image & name is a sample template for visual purposes and may change).

This book is a revolutionary approach to emotional health; filled with guided suggestions and practical ways and exercises to see your life in a different light. It is adorned with Torah insights and advice on how to balance your emotions and energy fields through Torah wisdom.

As a certified Emuna Energy Therapist I will share my personal amazing energy shifts and share the many ways you can better your mental, emotional & physical well being. 

So many have experienced the benefits of Jewish Energy Medicine sessions and feel their life has transitioned from a state of despondency to clarity & empowerment. 

Pain in the body will no longer be looked at in a single minded approach. This book offers a wider viewpoint of how mind, body and soul work together.

Our life magnetizes the people and events into our life based on how we think, feel, speak and act. Take a comprehensive look at your life and begin to see G-d’s light shining through every crevice of your being. Learn how our Creator speaks to us through our thoughts & body as well as the circumstances of our life!

Everything is from Hashem! This statement is nothing new to the Daily Dose of Emuna worldwide community. Yet as many of you write to me on a regular basis it is a difficult challenge to push the emuna button when hardships arise.  This book offers an in-depth approach to see where and why we experience the many blockages in life. 

This is why the forthcoming book is so essential.  Everyone needs this and I need your help to publish this book. Your sponsorship goes to the cost to produce, design, edit, print and distribute, so whatever you can contribute please do. 

As little as $5 – as much as a thousand dollars and you’ll get great rewards both material and spiritual because every dollar you give, it’s a mitzvah going toward Torah learning. For contributions of $180 or more we can send you a tax deductible receipt.

Thank you for your generous support. Please pass the word on! 

Book Sponsorship:

Make a dedication for a loved one in the upcoming book.

Here are some options:

$52  ~  Name recognition

$180 ~ Single line dedication

$540 ~ 1/4 page dedication

$1,080 ~ 1/2 page dedication

$1,800 ~ Full page dedication

For donation instructions please email



#FF0000 Raised $260 towards the $13,000 target.




Introduction to Energy with a Jewish Spirit

March 8, 2018
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Join this unique Energy Workshop series taught with a Jewish Spirit. As a registered participant of this series you will receive access to live weekly workshops teaching Energy Therapy techniques. All workshops are live & recorded and provide opportunities for interactive participation. Energy is the life force connecting all of us as ONE. It is everywhere, the ground beneath you and the hands you use.
The smallest structure the atom is made of 95% empty space (some say more). This means our physical body represents 5% of who we are ~ Mainly vibrating energy & electrical activity.
As you get in touch with the energy electromagnetic fields in & around you, you begin to develop intuition & increase Emuna & G-dly consciousness. 
Future advanced classes held every other month ~ 4-week future workshops to include focused energy work through the Twelve Tribes of Israel, greater insights into color therapy, energy lights of the Aleph-Bet Hebrew letters, hand clearing techniques: tapping & feathering methods.





Parshat Haman Segula For Parnasa

January 23, 2018
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Jan. 23,2018

Today is a special day that could change our destiny.

This coming Shabbos we will read the Parshas BeShalach, which contains the verses known as the Parshas HaMan (the verses about the manna). It is a considered a segula for Parnasa to recite these verses on the Tuesday prior to Parshas BeShalach.

In plain English, that means we believe that G-d likes it when we read these verses today and He may choose to bless us with abundance as a result.




Upcoming Speaking Tour schedule : (April 12 – 25) 2018

January 19, 2018
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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To invite Orit to your community click here

Tentative upcoming Speaking Tour schedule : (April 12 – 25) 2018




?Calling for EMUNA TEAM?
?Orit Esther Riter, educator, renowned speaker and writer is coming to TOWN!!!?
April15-25 2018 if you would like to join our spread of EMUNA team,please use link:?
The lectures can be set up tri-state area(NY, NJ, Toronto).
‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

The Ratzon Chabura Workshop – Become a Better You!

September 11, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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What the Ladies are saying

Hi Orit, wanted to share with you that as I was doing meditation at the end of the Ratzon class, the first thoughts of feeling love and warmth were sent to you. In fact I remember saying, LOVE you Orit for such wonderful knowledge and experience. The words don’t relay even closely the feeling I had at the moment for you and of course for Hashem
So thanks again for your time, wisdom and love that you unconditionally share with is all

Hi Orit,  I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful & very impactful classes. It’s evident how much work you put into presenting it clearly and with tremendous passion. S.F. from Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I have just finished listening to the last shiur which was amazing. Thank you so much.

… Just want to tell you I only had a chance to listen to a portion of your latest class (via my phone) but the bit I heard so far is FANTASTIC! & really looking forward to finishing it (or should i say continuing it…(finishing is not a word i can ever associate with your teachings!!!!).  Thank you again for this precious chaburah!! am so so so loving it!!!!


Women’s ON-LINE LIVE RECORDED Chabura with Orit Esther Riter of teaching Emotional wellness through Torah Wisdom.



Elul Recorded Lectures

August 28, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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DateTopicWatch at
DateTopicWatch at
Sept. 4, 2016'The Miriam Project' - Geula Teleconference
Sept. 4, 2016Elul - Refresh Your Spirit
Sept. 9, 2014Elul: Getting Married ... to Hashem
Sept. 2, 2014The Five Missions of Chodesh Elul
Aug, 26, 2014How to get 'High' on the Holidays
Aug, 26, 2013Kotel Live | A spiritual experience at the kotel
Aug, 19, 2013Elul: Building harmony between body and soul
Aug, 12, 2013Elul: Storehouse of Emuna and Teshuvah
Aug, 5, 2013Nishmat Kol Chai: Start the Month of Elul with Gratitude
May 28, 2013Perek 27 Tehilim

Devorah Benarroch with Orit Esther Riter

May 22, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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Dear Friends,

I am super excited to introduce my Mentor, Teacher, and Friend Mrs. Orit Esther Riter. She is a dynamic Speaker and Educator who has undergone a major personal transformation in her life. Going from a secular life to one that is spiritually rich, Orit has cracked the code on how to use one’s Emuna to transform ANY of life’s WORST adversities into stepping stones for personal growth!!

Orit has reprogrammed her outlook on life in order to achieve the life she always dreamed of having but wasn’t sure how to attain.

Through her own personal and spiritual growth in Torah, Orit discovered the method that SHE now uses every day to enhance self-growth and strengthen her mental and physical well-being while continuing to face life’s ongoing challenges.

One of Orit’s goals is to share her “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with everyone! Orit believes that any person can transform their entire life, no matter how challenging their circumstances may be, and no matter where they are spiritually. Orit has learned this firsthand by doing it and living it!

Orit has gone through many of life’s most difficult tests being a child of divorce, having suffered emotional traumas, overcoming business and personal bankruptcy, being diagnosed with MS and relocating her family to Israel to name a few. She has been confronted with uncertainty time and time again, but with the Emuna toolkit Orit incorporated into her life, she continues to land on her own two feet. Orit can’t hold back any longer and feels that she must share her powerful “Emuna Transformation Toolkit” with YOU!!

Orit Esther Riter is available to speak at your next conference, convention, school, community, organization or special event. Empower yourself and learn the methods Orit has discovered to take control of your life, and achieve the peace and harmony that awaits you…

Orit’s bio and achievements are on her website

Orit offers:
Inspirational speaking topics that may include:

“Emuna Transformation Toolkit” – Triple E Formula – Emuna, Emotions & Energy

“Turning Emuna into Action” – Where everything begins

“Forget Regret, learn to Apologize & Forgive” – Detox with Emuna

“Experience your Emotions through the Weekly Torah Portion & Holidays”

Other opportunities:

  • Challah Baking – For 40 ladies or more, turn this Mitzvah into a transformational experience
  • Tefilla trip to Kevarim/Holy Burial Sites – A powerful experience to connect with our Ancestors and Holy Sages (many people have done this L’iluy nishmat, in memory of a loved one or Refuah Shleimah, healing for someone in need)
  • Guest Host for Shabbaton
  • Private Torah Therapy & Energy Session – Orit offers one-on-one Torah Therapy a comprehensive therapy that addresses mind, body & soul as one unit. It includes but is not limited to Guided imagery exercises, energy medicine, analysis based on body ailments, color therapy, and deep soul talk.

Please note, Orit will be in the US from August 3-16, otherwise, she can work international travel into her schedule.

You may contact me or Orit through her website. To invite Orit to your community please contact Devorah at

Many Blessings,
Devorah Benarroch


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