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  1. Yaffa Shurtleff October 2, 2013at 10:25 pm Reply

    I will be coming to Israel, b’n’, Next week, my first grandbaby was born last eruv of shabbos. How could I be able not attend one of your classes? I will be staying about an hour from Jerusalem in G’vat Sh’muel, outside of Tel Aviv. This is my first time to the land, I follow your website regularly, I would love to learn some while I’m there. Mostly I will be helping my daughter and son in law with the baby while she finishes school, but I will have some time off, as all ” Nanny’s” do, lol. Please send me a schedule of your classes so I could try to schedule my attendance. My son is at “Gesher” yeshiva at Aish HaTorah International, in the Old /city, are you anywhere close to there? I’m so excited and feel blessed that Hashem has granted me these wonderful simchot in my life. It is with much gratitude that I send you this email. Yaffa Shurtleff from Denver, CO, I attend Aish Denver Synagogue. 303- 253- 5767 is my mobile number.

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