Spiritual Singing


Spiritual Singing

December 6, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Music is merely a type of revelation of the soul and its feelings. The soul manifests itself in the words that a person utters his joyful and/or painful thoughts and feelings. Our holy texts teach us that when a person’s suffering overwhelms him c’v, he can no longer speak, but can only cry out and moan without words. In the same way, a tune, which is comprised of sounds of joy or bitterness, arouses a person’s feelings, and within these feelings the soul surfaces and begins to express itself.

Our task in life should be to dedicate ourselves to Hashem. Thus, in order to connect our soul to Hashem’s holiness, we should accustom ourselves to spiritual singing and music. Just by merely closing our eyes, swaying back and forth and envisioning ourselves standing in Hashem’s presence can mend a broken heart. At first we sing in order to arouse our soul from its slumber. However, little by little we will feel that our soul has already begun to sing on its own.

Our soul ascends and descends along the passage of life. The tune comes together, and lifts up our soul and brings it closer to Hashem. This does not necessarily occur only with a brokenhearted tune. It can also take place with a joyful tune. Anytime, anyplace – whenever you feel that the time is right, you can sing; and you do not have to raise your voice, for a person can sing in a hush, and his voice is heard in the heights.

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