Parah Adumah


Parah Adumah

December 5, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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The laws of the red heifer are incomprehensible to the human mind. We cannot understand everything in life. We are probed with questions, confusion, uncertainties – the Parah Adumah is a reminder of how limited our minds are.

What advice does the Torah offer in such cases where even Shlomo HaMelech ztk’l , the wisest of all men, could not grasp this Torah teaching? Emuna Temima (simple unadulterated loyalty and faithfulness to the Torah’s infinite wisdom, no matter how incomprehensible they may be!). There are endless events and ideas in this world that we will not be able to grasp. The only notion we need to remain faithful to is that Hashem is running the universe perfectly; without any glitches!

Oh, how much we plan; dotting our ‘I’s’ and crossing our ‘T’s’, going through the logical process. Nonetheless, the Ultimate Designer and Master Planner knows better. The list of questions; why’s and what’s just seems to get longer with no ‘Heavenly loudspeaker’ announcing any resolution for them.

To those who wish to live a life of emuna- they hear the answers. To name a few of the possible responses: ‘It is not the right time’, ‘Be patient’, ‘The delay is necessary’ and even ‘No, I can’t give that to you’ – to name a few.

In life there are delays and denials necessary to perfectly carve our eternal future life. Accepting reality at times for what it is is the top code of living a healthy balanced life. As the Kli Yakar ztk’l teaches in his commentary on Shmot (25:10), “The purpose of knowledge is to know that we don’t know.”

We do not know and do not understand. This is the greatest acceptance of them all!

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