I Lost My Keys… Again!


I Lost My Keys… Again!

December 4, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Tzaddik B’Emunato Yichyeh – A righteous man lives by his Emuna. Mankind wishes to strive upward and spiritually elevate him/herself always. The Navi Chavakuk ztk’l explains in three words how to attain it; righteousness comes through living with Emuna. Emuna should be interwoven into our thoughts, speech and deeds under every and all circumstances. Emuna needs to be sewn into the fabric of life. The following real life scenarios will help bring clarity on how to apply emuna into ‘rountine’ incidents that many of us have experienced.

It is a hot day. We make the effort and travel to a public office to straighten out some errands. The line is long, people are impatient, we giggle in our place awaiting our turn to come. It finally arrives. We approach the clerk and are told that we are missing an important document and without it we cannot complete the process. How much Emuna is needed right then and there to accept this circumstance with love?

You are in a rush and must leave Now! Oy, where are those keys? I know I put them here…. What agony… Who is to blame? Me, someone else?

In Mishlei (19:21) Shlomo HaMelech ztk’l teaches, “Many thoughts are in man’s heart, but the counsel of Hashem – only it will prevail.” What is the difference between a machshava (thought) and eitza (counsel)? Thoughts are simply that – thoughts of a final objective. Yet counsel is the outcome itself. The most carefully laid-out plans will not come to fruition if not in accordance to Hashem’s will. As my Safta a’h used to say: “You can stand on your eyelashes…” it simply won’t be if Hashem doesn’t will for it to be.

Remember that next time you are in line or misplace your keys…

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