Planted in Us


Planted in Us

November 27, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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In Sefer Bereishis we learn about Yaakov Avinu’s wondrous dream as he leaves Beersheba for Haran. He sees a ladder standing firmly on the ground, reaching upward to the heavens. Angels are going up and down “v’hinei Hashem Nitzav alav (Behold, Hashem is standing above him)”.

The Izhbitzer Rebbe ztk”l explained that there are two words that can be used for standing. One is omed, which simply means standing there, and the other is nitzav, which implies being planted in place. A human being is an omed. He always has the choice to stay in one place or move away. A nitzav has no such choice; it is planted in its place like a stone.

By using the expression of nitzav, Hashem was telling Yaakov a beautiful message, “Dear child, I have no choice but to be with you.” Hashem wanted us to realize that no matter what, no matter where, He would always be planted and bonded with us. Hashem’s connection with us is forever, something that can never be moved nor shifted. We may ascend and descend the ladder to Heaven, sometimes rising and sometimes falling, but Hashem will always be planted above us and within us. No matter where we are, because we are Hashem’s children, He will be with us.

What a powerful message! It gives one a sense of tranquility despite the world’s thunderous storms.

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