The Joy of Feeling Hashem


The Joy of Feeling Hashem

November 22, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Filling our lives with mindfulness that Hashem is with us, intimately involved in every thought, deed and word, embraces us with complete joy. There is nothing as sweet and pleasant as meriting a warm hug by Hashem after we experience His personal involvement in our lives.

One of the main emotional states that stop us from sensing this closeness is sadness. When our hearts are twisted and embittered, even in the very hour that Hashem is helping us, we will not be able to feel His nearness. Our minds become constricted and hearts turn dull, deadening all emotions.

Depression numbs the heart and mind causing it to become disoriented through life’s travels. A downtrodden mindset cannot relate or internalize goodness of any sort. A practical solution to combat this state is to strengthen our mindfulness and awareness of life’s gifts at those intervals when we are inspired and on a spiritual high. This timeframe leaves in its tracks a state of expanded consciousness which stays aflame even after the moment passes. It injects us with lasting joy and strengthens our mind to actively fight sadness whenever it arises.

Once we accustom ourselves to being joyful, people will be drawn to us like magnets. Being that almost everyone is packed with sorrow and confusion, when they spot a person with a delightful glow, they yearn to ‘rub elbows’ and learn from their ways. This is proof of how much the world covets the image of a happy person and wishes to live so.

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