Focusing During Prayer


Focusing During Prayer

November 21, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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A Chassidic vort describes a chassid who came to the Rebbe with the following complaint: “Rebbe, I have foreign thoughts.” “Foreign?” asked the Rebbe. “They aren’t foreign at all. They’re all yours.”

Chassidut teaches that when a particular issue is disturbing you try to “elevate” those foreign thoughts; to “elevate the sparks.” Translate the problem which occupies your thoughts into the language of prayer. Whether you are thinking about business or family or anything else, Hashem is certainly able to help you in solving the problem. Don’t banish the “foreign thought” from your mind; on the contrary – keep it with you, and turn that very thought into a prayer.

To get practical if you are thinking about how to pay your bills, turn it into a tefillah and ask Hashem to help you pay your bills. Cast the thought to Hashem and appeal to Him, “I don’t want to worry about money. I know that it is You that provides for me now and always. Help me cast it to You and focus on my avodah and that which I do have control over.”

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