Moods, Tehillim and Ruach HaKodsh


Moods, Tehillim and Ruach HaKodsh

November 20, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Our moods dramatically fluctuate from moment to moment; joyful now, anxiety stricken the next. Sefer Tehillim offers us an outlet to deal with the ever changing emotions and teaches us the method for handling them. We can draw from the emotional upheaval that Dovid HaMelech ztk’l lived through and seek to learn from the sacred words in Tehillim how to unlock our feelings and use them to connect to HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

Tehillim presents words of wisdom encoded with Ruach HaKadosh, Divine inspiration, so we can be inspired to communicate with Hashem. Through the recitation of Tehillim we connect to Torah, to the infinite wisdom of Hashem, and also to our holy ancestors and their derech. We transcend time and space when we attach ourselves to the ancient words of our forefathers and bridge the past with the present – proclaiming our loyalty to the eternal message of Torah that bears no expiration date.

For example perek lamed in Tehillim is an admixture of emotions. Initially Dovid HaMelech is thankful, then turns to being sad, changing to joyful and ending with a sense of depression. How does Dovid HaMelech cope with his inner turbulence? He rededicates his life (his house) to Hashem.

Rededication is a process of concentrating our strengths into revamping our lives, realigning our thoughts and reorganizing our priorities. Through the process we emerge stronger with a more optimistic outlook on life. This empowerment leads us to broadcast words of praise to Hashem for guiding and leading the way.

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