You Shall Be Complete


You Shall Be Complete

November 14, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Rabbeinu Yonah ztk’l writes that we cannot reach a level of bitachon without first acquiring emuna in Hashem’s intimate hashgocha (Divine providence). This requires first recognizing and internalizing that everything is in Hashem’s hands and He is not limited in any which way. Borei Olam can and does alter natural law and changes ones mazal as He sees fit.

‘In a blink of an eye’ the yeshua can come and we must believe and hope that it will, yet accept that wherever we are today is the best place for us to be in. To sum it up in one sentence: ‘Accept today but pray for a better tomorrow.’

The passuk in Yeshayahu (26:4) reads, “Put your trust in Hashem always,” meaning Hashem created this world and the next and everything is in His hands, therefore He has the ability to help always. What is the test on where we stand regarding our trust in Hashem? We quickly find out when a nisayon appears as we either become drenched in anguish or lift our eyes high and grasp that it is all from Hashem.

The RamBan ztk’l teaches that when we worry we fail to keep the positive mitzvah of “Tamim t’eyeh im Hashem Elokecha (You shall be tamim with Hashem) as is written in Parshat Shoftim. We are instructed to be tamim, complete or whole in our avodat Hashem. Certainly we are human and tend to worry however we must try hard to weaken its control as much as possible!

Chovot Halevavot brings down that the more we know Hashem and trust is His compassion the less anxiety will invade us. This is something that we know intellectually nevertheless must work to practice in reality.

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