Vision with Emuna


Vision with Emuna

November 8, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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How can Emuna vision change our lives? Here are but three benefits among so many:

1) Emuna living offers clarity, truth and happiness since it means being guided by Hashem’s absolute truth. The amazing part of living a life of emuna is that we don’t need to learn it; it just needs to be revealed and internalized. It was a Shavuos gift given by Hashem to every Jew.

2) Most people strive for change and growth in one area or another. Surrendering our wisdom to Divine wisdom (aka living with emuna) offers relatively quick results in those areas we wish to change. This comes as a result of two important factors. First there is a great flow of Divine blessing upon anyone who strives to do Hashem’s will. Secondly because it is an inborn gift and we already have it, it is quicker to access and apply; as opposed to having to go a far distance to learn it.

3) The act of connecting to Hashem and seeing Him in every aspect of our lives enables us to stop the cycle of self-persecution which is all too common in our generation. We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve certain goals and things. Yet when we come to realize that Hashem runs the world and the outcome is not dependent on us, we are drawn to tranquility and ease of mind. Accepting does not necessarily mean we logically understand. It means responding positively to the events and people in our lives.

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