The Sweet Fragrance


The Sweet Fragrance

September 25, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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The prayer of a single Jew is great; yet united tefillot are powerful beyond words. To this end, Hashem instructs that we combine our prayers with others; those righteous and those less worthy in order to compensate one another.

The Chachamim teach that our prayers are like an incense offering. Included in the mixture of sweet spices we must add galbanum (chelbaneh) a spice with a dreadful odor. So too is with the single Jew’s prayer who may feel sometimes ‘lower’ than others, she should still attach her prayers with the community of Israel as we each hold an essential ingredient in the communal prayer service. We should trust that Hashem will accept our tefillot. Just as the composite of the incense offering must include a lesser sweet fragrance so too each of our tefillot is of equal value and vital to complete the mix.

The arousal of one’s heart during this time of year must not be underestimated. The soft voice of the soul calls from inner depths and yearns to cling to the root of her holiness. The light of emuna that shines forth from the innocent desire of one’s soul is capable of sweetening the entire batch of spices and form a perfect blend as a korban.

Today’s daily dose of emuna is dedicated L’iluy nishmat Yosef ben Levi a’h. May his neshama rest in the Divine radiance among all the righteous souls who have departed from this world, Amen.

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