Go Ahead and Talk


Go Ahead and Talk

September 12, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Conversing with Hashem may not come easy to many yet these coming weeks are the best time to take the challenge and begin.  Rebbe Nachman ztk’l teaches that talking to Hashem requires a great deal of spiritual commitment. The Rebbe goes as far as suggesting that if no words come to mouth we should merely take a word and repeat it until the right words come forth. Just repeating the words “Ribbono Shel Olam” opens the gateway to deeper forms of conversation waiting to spill forth from the depths of one’s soul.

In fact Rebbe Nachman prescribes the ‘silent scream’; an intentional tensing of the mind, which leads way to mental relaxation and newly sprouted words. The nefesh part of our soul, also known as the animal spirit and connection to the physical body, longs to be recognized.  To this end it is also important to talk to one’s body parts.

For example, talk to an aching body part and inject words of emuna and love. Tell your legs “I know I haven’t taken you to the right places until now, but I am striving to improve and walk to more spiritually refined places from this point onward.” This profound method sharpens G-dly consciousness and is a perfect way to develop a strong bond to Hashem during our personal prayer times.

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