The Ratzon Chabura Workshop – Discover Your Ratzon


The Ratzon Chabura Workshop – Discover Your Ratzon

September 11, 2017
Daily Dose Of Emuna
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What the Ladies are saying

Hi Orit, wanted to share with you that as I was doing meditation at the end of the Ratzon class, the first thoughts of feeling love and warmth were sent to you. In fact I remember saying, LOVE you Orit for such wonderful knowledge and experience. The words don’t relay even closely the feeling I had at the moment for you and of course for Hashem
So thanks again for your time, wisdom and love that you unconditionally share with is all

FREE introductory class from Sunday, Sept. 10th, 8:00 pm. Women’s chabura with Orit Esther Riter of teaching Emotional wellness through Torah Wisdom.
“Discover your Ratzon” (the prerequisite to being the best you) full series start after Sukkos and meet 2 evenings a month.
If you would like to learn more please contact


Outline for upcoming Ratzon Chabura 

~ 16 part series 



Emotional Wellness through Torah Wisdom

Taught by Orit Esther Riter


1~ Introduction to the idea of ratzon in one’s life

2~ Ratzon: the pipeline to all blessings

3~ Correcting our vision: taking a glimpse at the way ‘Hashem sees things’ – Part I

Developing our ratzon through the ten sefirot and G-dly channels and five worlds

4~  Chochmah: Koach Mah the strength of wisdom / using our mental energy to drive our ratzon

5~  Binah: analyzing the way we think / exploring the hidden mind

6~  Da’at: intimate knowledge / the bridge between mind and body / knowing what we want

7~  Chesed: loving what we have, want and need

8~  Gevurah: how much and how little to need and want / setting correct boundaries

9~  Tiferet: sharpening our awareness of what drives us to want / being more mindful

10~ Netzach: making the commitment to stick with what we want

11~ Hod: recognizing the gifts of life and developing appreciation for what we have and desire

12~ Yesod: putting our ratzon into action / making what we want happen

13~ Malchut: staying motivated and positively effecting other people’s ratzon

14~ Correcting our vision: taking a glimpse at the way ‘Hashem sees things’ – Part II

15~ Practically applying the ten sefirot to our individual desires

16~ Facing the obstacles that hinder fulfilling what we truly want


For questions about payment and how to sign-up for chabura please contact ~ Tammi Schwartz:

First class to begin Tuesday, Jan. 16 and to continue every other Tuesday,(subject to changes due to chagim and Orit’s working schedule). You may join at any time and receive past recordings of entire lecture series.

Class set up as follows:  First 15 minutes is a review of previous class with Q&A. New class material follows for next 45-60 minutes. Class ends with open Q&A for about 15-30 minutes at most.

In between classes communication and ongoing support will be via chavrutas (partners), email group, ability to reach out to Orit with questions/thoughts/challenges (she will respond as best as possible, B’H), practical exercises and recording of classes will be made available to participants (please do not share with others outside the group).

The atmosphere of the group will lean towards open-mindedness, support of one another and resemble a support group in our avodat Hashem. An open confidential group based on lovingkindness and genuine care of one another.

Looking forward to Siyatta D’shmaya in helping you transform the way you live 


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