20/20 Vision


20/20 Vision

July 26, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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The basic tenet of emuna is taught in Megillat Eicha (3:38), “From Shamayim does not emerge evil…” Evil does not have a hold on existence; all that comes from Hashem is either revealed or hidden good but still it is all good. Correct spiritual vision involves piercing the surface of all that we see and look beneath. Indeed this is one of life’s greatest challenges.

There is a higher truth and a greater good that we are meant to see and experience. Truthful vision is born out of emuna; trusting there is goodness hiding inside the seemingly bad. Indeed this is the pathway from exile to redemption, lifting the veil of reality and revealing the loving-kindness of Hashem’s handiwork.

So long as we are in exile, we live a broken existence. Our greatest challenge is to trust there is wholesomeness ‘behind the scenes.’ Hashem ‘left’ the world unfinished so we may co-partner in the creative process and improve the world and ourselves. If we see the world as ‘bad’ it is because we are in the middle of an existing reality not yet complete. We cannot take one element and discard the rest but should remember that we are on the way to completing the picture.

Hashem’s intentions are pure and wholesome when they leave Shamayim. He leaves a part of creation unfinished for us to uplift and repair. In doing so, we perfect our vision and bring about our own redemption.

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