Royal Princess


Royal Princess

June 28, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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A sense of boundless joy envelops those who live with complete Emuna.  Emuna = keen awareness of Hashem’s constant, intimate and personal Presence and intervention in our lives.   We must internalize that Hashem is here to see us through the darkness and shower us with clarity, if only we invite Him into our lives.

Every Jew is so precious to Hashem.  We hold within us Infinite value by virtue of us carrying a G-dly spark; literally a piece of Hashem.  Let us view mitzvot as eternal opportunities to live in the ‘Image of Hashem’.  By following Hashem’s Torah instructions we bond with Him continuously; living Heaven on earth.

There is no one like you – no one.  Your unique task was created for only you to fulfill and the biggest Rebbetzin cannot fulfill your life’s mission; it was given to you and you alone. What an empowering lesson we learn from this.

Even though your feelings of self-worth fluctuate often, regardless of how you feel, you are a treasure and significantly precious.  View yourself from G-dly eyes, not based on what you have been conditioned to believe by various people.

You are royalty.  You are the daughter of the King of Kings.

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