The Art of Trust


The Art of Trust

May 17, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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Do we really believe the geulah is coming?  Trust is an unwavering belief; solid without a shmutz of doubt. When doubt enters trust, it becomes eroded and optimism diluted.

4 possible reasons why trust is painted in doubt:

  • Our trust in only surface deep. When our surroundings present us with an opposing reality our trust changes positions and favors our external senses and leaves behind our inner gut senses.
  • Pain overpowers our trust. Intellect loses strength when emotions are strong. We cannot rationally imagine that a solution is possible and will occur. This is a state of despair.
  • We cannot wait – we become impatient and do not want to hold ground throughout the process. It’s been too long and we do not have the discipline to wait any longer for our troubles to be resolved.
  • Unwillingness to internalize and reflect what’s lying under the difficulty. There is a message and we need to do a self-accounting of what it is.

These are some of the obstacles that lead to doubt and damper our emuna and bitachon. Think about which one you relate to most often.  Remove the doubt and watch your emuna and bitachon blossom.

1 Comment

  1. Leanne Dungey May 17, 2017at 8:00 am Reply

    Good Morning Orit, thank you so much for blessing me every day with my daily dose of Emunah. Please can I ask you for advice. I feel troubled by the way I handle our finances, if my children or anyone needs help I give them money but then I leave myself so horrible in trouble financially. I feel like I’m disappointing my darling husband because he trusts me with our money. Please can you help me .
    Thank you

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