Leaving the Darkness


Leaving the Darkness

May 15, 2017
Orit Esther Riter
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Hashem created the world almost complete; but left out a part that needs to be improved. Mankind lives in this minuscule space of improvement constantly seeking perfection.  Freedom is the expression of movement and choice and our ability to create, grow and develop ourselves within this space.

Each one of us is destined to be great. Unfortunately if we do not tune into this potential we feel imprisoned, lost and confused; this is the idea behind slavery – feeling held back and unable to reach one’s potential.

Thus leaving Mitzrayim is shedding away the layers of restrictions, notions and behaviors – leaving Pharaoh behind.  Pharaoh is the discouraging nagging inner voice that whispers (or sometimes yells) “You can’t do it!”   The last plague the Egyptians experienced was darkness = sadness = despair = the inability to see what was latent in front of them.

Not being able to see your place in life emotionally challenges your self-confidence; that is the plague so many of us are currently experiencing before redemption.  A hardened shell of nothingness holding inner layers of fear and sadness.  How do we exit?  Through the great power of ratzon; an intense desire that breaks the walls of hiddenness and opens new frontiers for growth.

Saying the simple words, “I want to get out. Hashem take me out of Mitzrayim” leads you to the door; your gateway to freedom to actualize your greatness.

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