Time to Get Up


Time to Get Up

May 2, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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Pain and suffering relate to emuna just as an earthquake shakes the earth; what is revealed as a result?  A valuable treasure or shattered destruction?

Hardships are like ‘wake up’ calls.  Depending on how deep we are in sleep the ‘alarm’ will sound soft or loud.  The Heavenly goal is to grab our attention and get us to shift gear; recognize Hashem’s presence in our lives.

Which state of sleep are we in?

1)      Are we dozing off but can still hear our name being called, yet are unable to reply rationally?

2)     Are we so sleepy that we need to be awakened to notice what is going on around us?

3)     Do we need ‘medical’ intervention (incidents in our lives) to awaken us?

4)     Is the state of sleepiness so deep that we are likened to be in a state of anesthesia, whereby all sense of feeling is removed?

As the urgency to get our attention becomes more pressing, we are summoned from above with stronger signs to respond.  The objective – motivate us to reveal our immeasurable potential and shine our light which was previously hidden from ourselves and others.

We have so much to do during our limited time here in this world.  If we are ‘asleep’ we won’t realize how much we could have done.  Therefore next time a challenge ‘caresses’ your life, don’t hit the sleep button. Rise and shine to a better you and light up your world!

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