Don’t lose sight


Don’t lose sight

March 21, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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When we aspire to spread goodness onto others, act selflessly and go beyond our natural tendencies we shine our Divine light onto this world.  The greatest challenge we face is that our G-dly soul is mostly hidden underneath many layers of animalistic and egotistic drives.  Life challenges us to discover the hidden roses amongst the weeds; to find our G-dly souls among selfish desires.

By default our thoughts, speech and actions originate from our animal soul; in other words we are naturally drawn to self-centeredness.  Material indulgence is decked with ‘booby-traps’ that draw us to fulfill our animalistic drives, a.k.a ego.  In short, all motivating factors that originate from self-absorption are not divinely inspired and interfere with our G-dly mission.

Excessive focus on our egos leaves us short sighted of our grand task in life; to get to know who we really are, a spark of G-dliness.  We are here to work on perfecting ourselves and refine our character traits; to steer away from our ‘natural selfish tendencies’ we were born with.  Let us not lose track of this tremendous challenge and sense of accomplishment followed after a job well-done.

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