Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes

March 14, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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Every incident is personally ‘supervised and guided’ by Hashem Yitborach in the most meticulous manner. Hashem turns events around according to our soul’s needs in order for us to achieve complete soul repair. We can live our entire lives without even noticing that Hashem is guiding every step of our life ‘behind the scenes’.  A person can see his life as a chain of happenstance and ‘natural’ outcomes not associating Hashem with any occurrence.

Emuna teaches us to live life awake and be aware of Hashem’s intimate presence; never forget for a moment Who created and continues to create our existence. Emuna teaches us to live mindful and understand that Hashem speaks to us through the circumstances of our lives.  Our challenges bring forth into actuality that which is hidden in potential.  Just as a coach strengthens the one he trains by ‘raising the bar’, so too just Borei Olam ‘up the intensity’ in spiritual development.

We experience various situations in life – some geared toward emuna, others to develop our middot and some are wake up calls’;  but each is custom-designed for our growth.  Every ounce of discomfort & annoyance, even a mosquito bite, each time we must wait in line or forget our keys remember it’s all from Hashem.

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