March 8, 2017
Orit Esther Riter

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The Chofetz Chaim ztk’l teaches a parable that clarifies the understanding of the importance of constant review and repetition of emuna learning.

It is likened to a man who draws water from a well on a freezing 20 degrees below zero winter day. He stores the bucket of water outside until he wishes to use it. However to his amazement after a few hours he finds the water frozen solid.  The amount of work now required by him to enjoy some of the water is tremendous; he will have to chisel his way to enjoy but a few drops.

However if he was wise he would have made sure to check on the water every so often.  As a thin layer of ice would begin to form on top he would have simply had to give it a quick stir in order for it to break apart and prevent the formation of a solid block of ice.

We take an insightful teaching from this analogy as this resembles our avodah when it comes to learning emuna.  Emuna requires constant review, evaluation and integration in our lives or else it will freeze and become difficult to access.  The world outside is cold and numbs our emuna senses.

Therefore we must constant dip ourselves into the warm and loving study of emuna to keep our souls well-nourished with the ‘water’ it so desperately needs to drink!

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