It’s Coming… Let’s Prepare!


It’s Coming… Let’s Prepare!

June 30, 2014
Kayla Krauss
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Geulah – the redemption of the Jewish nation.

In its fullest sense the redemption will be spiritual and physical.  Spiritually the Jewish nation will be freed from all barriers that separate us from Hashem. Physical redemption enables us to return and live freely in our land of Israel.  This is the final redemption.  We will no longer be in a state of exile.

Pogroms and massacres unfortunately are part of Jewish history. However we always continued to pray, hope and anticipate our complete redemption.  Moshe Rabbeinu ztk’l, the first redeemer, foretold the future.  The Jewish nation will enter Eretz Yisrael during the period of Yoshua, yet this will not be our eternal redemption.  When the time of geulah arrives, “Hashem will bring you back from captivity… and He will gather you in from all the nations where He has scattered you… and He will bring you into the land possessed by your forefathers.. .and you will return and listen to the voice of Hashem, and perform all His commandments” (Devarim, 30:3-8).

Three times a day Ahm Yisrael pray for the geulah.  Chazal teach us that yearning for that time to come is one of the basic responsibilities of a Jew.  Even more so in our generation where it is no longer a distant dream for our grandparents, but is turning into reality before us.

How can we actively ‘Await Mashiach’s arrival?”  The Alter Rebbe ztk’l, Ba’al HaTanya HaKadosh in chapter 37 teaches, “Culminating fulfillment of the Messianic era and of the resurrection … the revelation of the light of the Blessed Ein Sof in this material world, all depends on our actions and service throughout the duration of the golut.”

Our Torah learning and life of mitzvot should be infused with constant anticipation and longing for the geulah.  We should relate our actions to bringing and hastening the geulah shleimah. Living a life of emuna brings us personally and aids our entire world collectively to its perfection.

Two amazing resources to help prepare us for the Geulah:





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